Wonderings and Wanderings

This morning a friend posted on Facebook about the conversion of a garage to a wonderful living space for a family including their two dogs.  Looking at the photos and the ease of the space, the freedom it offered, I realized that is exactly what I want.

In the past I have lived small and I have in the past six months downsized considerably from upsizing well beyond my need.  Yet I still have a yard to maintain and a house of fifteen hundred square feet which I realize to most, that is small.  Much smaller then what I had.

I really don’t need three bedrooms. Three beds, side tables, chests, lamps and all the extra bedding.  Once in a while my daughter and son-in-law come to visit however I live closer to them now and day trips are possible.

The only issue is, I have five cats and one of them does not get along with two out of the other four.  She has been this way her entire life and now almost fifteen, she simply isn’t going to change.  Yet it could be doable to live in a really small space especially since as the one featured in the post, has a small patio area that could be screened for cats.

The other thing this all brought about this morning which I suppose some can relate to, I want to stop doing what I have been doing and that is feeling the need to paint.  To try to create on canvas with the hope of selling.  That does happen however I am now rather bored with the entire process and too, I don’t particularly like the cost of the paints and canvases.  Plus it takes time from just living.  I think I have reached the point of feeling that I have achieved what I want to achieve in that area.

For most of my life I have been a writer and while not published although came close once and missed that opportunity due to some sideline influence, I still enjoy sitting and expressing.  Be those expressions as this of just feelings, or something of more importance with a purpose.

Recently I felt pressured into becoming a board member in a group I joined when I moved to my new area.  I believe it is keen to belong to museums and such when one moves to a new area because it is not only culture, it is a way to meet like minded people.  Yet with this group, I don’t really want to be a board member nor do I want to do what is needed.  I don’t want the pressure.  I simply want to live quietly and in peace.

So this morning with the post by my friend, I am wondering where to wander and leave all that I have known yet doesn’t seem to serve me any longer, behind. It seems to me I have enough art.  I could perhaps at another time stand before a canvas again yet it just becomes more to have.  More to store.  More to try to sell at some point.  For now I am feeling wanderlust.  Not so much to travel expansively, just to wander down to the nature preserve or drive over to the shore.  Without pressures of or yard, of creating, or belonging to groups, one has the freedom to do that.

Perhaps it is time to fold up the easel, give away the blank canvases and paints and just be for a while.  Return to writing again which doesn’t take space or cost anything.  It simply comes from the soul and the mind.

So I am wondering about wanderings and seeking something more fulfilling. Perhaps we all do with time.  Perhaps we all look at the blank canvas of life and say, well I want a different picture.  I don’t need this and I don’t want that.

Recently I read the book The Abundance of Less and while it was a walk through several people lives, some of which I could not live as they do, it was a nice eye opener to living simply and actually more richly.  Again the post this morning mirrored that concept and offered a more fulfilling lifestyle then dusting stuff or adding to already full closets.

Wondering and wanderings this morning seem to be a nudge by the Universe to look at a different path.  To walk that path with less and to feel lighter, freer as a result.  So perhaps that is the way for all of us to travel in these troubling times seeking wonderings and wanderings.

Peace everyone, simply peace.  Wonder and wander.





About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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2 Responses to Wonderings and Wanderings

  1. Melissa smith says:

    This is your best expressions to date. You must read my mind.

  2. annamayfair says:

    Thank you, Melissa. Restless and many of us are these days.

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