New Year….breaking traditions

Most of us are very glad to leave 2016 behind.  Closing the door and padlocking it with hopes it is never repeated.  At least that is how I feel about the year.

It was a year of set backs, hardships and loss.  One right after another and sometimes all at the same time.  It was difficult to keep hope in the heart and lift the head to weather the storm.  It was a year that tested spirit, braun and faith.

I have had many, many awful years in my lifetime however it seems that 2016 was one of the worse, if not the worse year ever.

My  heart remains heavy in many ways for the losses which I know from experience, in time the heart will heal even though the scars will remain.  Sometimes there are lessons to be learned from the losses yet I can not think of one lesson to learn from the losses I had in the past year.

There are many matters I am grateful for that came about in the past year.  The revealing of the true self of long time friends when the election became a full on heated mess.  I had to face betrayal yet again and this time I did not accept it.  I did not say to my self oh well, just let it go.  This time I let them go and for good.  A Christmas card arrived from one with her usual self focused woes of her “life in the toilet” and not one word other then what was the message of the card to me.  It demonstrated to me as with so many others I have known, that I have been nothing of importance to them other then a source to meet their needs of some sort or another. As it goes with deceptive people.  Another card arrived with no signature which is ok, I suppose yet sends a message.

With the new years I am breaking away from all those old set in stone traditions.  I am no longer going to tolerate or put myself at disadvantage for other people.  I won’t be giving as much as I have in the past emotionally, financially or otherwise.  I am going to bank more on myself, it may be wise that we all do.  Of course not in a harsh or harmful way and not without regard for those in need however with a stand against those who use, who take for their own gain, who manipulate with a sob story of “can’t pay the rent” when they have gone out to dinner the previous night or whatever it is at the moment.  I will be standing up against those and while it may mean I am even more to myself, well so be it.

Today I am breaking that age old tradition that was engrained in me as a must.  I will not be having the silly black eyed peas for good luck.  While I love those little odd peas, I no longer think they can bring luck.  They have yet to do so any year of the past.  And that cabbage that is suppose to bring wealth, well it is not happening today either.  My Mother may be looking down in concern however I don’t think she really watches over me anyway.  My sister needs too much for that to happen.  So if she slips a look in and sees that there is no black eyed peas or cabbage on the menu today well she may just have to think she is elsewhere in another country that does not have that tradition.

Traditions that have kept a tight hold are being tossed out and a wide open stage is set for a new take on life.  The year ahead at the moment with the new governing of the country offers a lot of concern yet I am going to set out on my path to find peace, to be more aware, more in tune and use my instincts more readily then I have this past year.  I am going to continue to be strong as I have yet in a different way that is less accepting of the treatment of others.  Of circumstances.  Of others opinions imposed on me or of the words “there was not room for you”.

It seems that we all need to raise our heads, stand tall, be true to ourselves while kind to others and by all means not accept the status quo or that we have to accept something, well because it is what it is.  It isn’t and doesn’t have to be.  Change can happen and may it come about in the best way possible for this New Year.  May the old accepting mold be broken and new directions taken.

If there are storms ahead, I am ready. If there is peace ahead, I am really ready.  If there are better more prosperous times ahead, bring those on.  For today though I will begin the new path of a new year breaking away from tradition and that in itself is freeing.

Happy New Year to all.  Peace….because it brings to much to the world and each of us….Peace.





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Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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