Easily Offended

Yesterday evening late, while lying in bed with my computer….yes I am one of those…browsing around to pull my mind into a state of slumber, a post was made on Facebook by of course one of my Facebook friends.  Not a real friend in life, just someone I sort of know and am friends with on Facebook.  As it is these days.  Not a friend who comes for coffee, phones or even sends a Christmas card which few do these days.  Just someone on Facebook.

The post was of photo from the back of a guy wearing a very bright green jacket with a backpack.  The caption read: Bro do u wanna be seen or not.  I made a comment that it may be the only jacket he has.  That after the fires in the area a few years ago when people lost everything but the clothes on their backs, I learned to not judge what people were wearing. My intent was to offer a different perspective on the ridicule of the guy in the jacket.

What I did not point out is that it also seemed rather racist because that is the headline of the day.  Not just yesterday however now every day.  The post did have a racist tone.  The caption offered that.  I didn’t go there in my comment though rather offered that maybe it was the only jacket he had and that could very well be the situation with a black male.

The reply comment from the woman sharing the post was mean, hateful and a tone of extremely condescending.  She told me in the first comment responding to my comment was that it was inappropriate to the post.  I responded with that the point of my comment was missed.   That then brought the mean, hateful response that it had nothing to do with the guys circumstances and that I was easily offended.

Well perhaps easily offended could be true when you are slamming someone else for your enjoyment.  If you look at the photo and the caption combined and see the situation as presented, it is offensive and would be to a lot of people.  Yet there were 6 likes to this post and that is further bothersome because people really are not seeing the big picture.  They are not seeing how they are promoting racism.  They are finding humor in the belittlement without knowing the full story.

It is stuff like this that pushes me further in to being a recluse.  These type of people who seem to think they know so much and are so ready to push another aside for their own purpose.  They bully.  They slam.  They do not care about the other person’s situation or that what they are doing is wrong.  They act so that they seem superior and drag all their friends with them.

A sad world we live in these days.  It is rare to experience any respect, courtesy or kindness. It is a society that has grown from the “you deserve it” to the “let me take”world we now live.  It is way too materialistic.  Way too label oriented.  Way to self centered and way to quick to attack when one hasn’t even considered all the angles, layers and reasons.

The other day I had a meeting regarding my property taxes which were to escalate tremendously.  Fortunately we are given the option to protest those increases and visit with the agency imposing those.  In the past these meetings have not always been positive and most have resulted with little change.  This one however from the moment the man called my name began on a positive note.  His body language spoke volumes.  The kindness of his facial features, relaxed and comfortable offered openness.  Our conversation was one of shared respect and cordialness.  Not a wall that was up rather the door was open to listening.  The man was so kind, so nice and so respectful of me.  We shared a few laughs while discussing the increase and even if I had not gained a positive result, his treatment of me would have been enough.  The difference being, he was a black male so he had a far different perspective.

He could have just as easily been the man in the post photo that I found to have a different dimension of meaning then the presentation and in actuality I think it really was the intent of the original poster.

So for this woman to say I am easily offended well yes I may be if it means degrading, biased exploitation of another regardless of race.  I am a three demential thinker.  I see layers that sometimes others do not see.  It is sometimes a gift.  Sometimes a blessing.  Sometimes misunderstood as is the case with this Facebook exchange.  The woman could only see the photo and did not pick up that it was really racist.  That it really was offensive and gave no consideration to what the reason was of why the man wore the jacket.

We have become too ready to criticize from the surface and too ready to attack when below the surface is revealed.  Some how we must regain a footing of consideration, of kindness and of respect.  Some how we must.

So if it seems I am easily offended well so be it.  There is such thing as unfriending on Facebook however there is also a way to just avoid the posts which is the higher road to take.  I will always stand for the less fortunate.  I will always defend those who are bullied, battered and beaten down by society.  If it means I have to mention the layers not noticed then I will and if it means that someone so arrogantly tells me I am easily offended, oh well.  Oh well.  At least I know I care deeply and treat people with respect, consideration and kindness as best I can.

So lets all do our best to see past the degrading posts and treat one another with kindness even if it means to some we are easily offended.

Enjoy your day.  Be kind to people and animals, please.






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Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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