Zip, Zap…zip, zip, zap

It stings sometimes to read the written word.  Comments.  Replies to a short note that was intended to bring a smile or laughter rather then anger.  It brings the mood down and costly energy has to be mustered to regain the level of calm before the zap of the reply.

It comes really in all forms though, not just the written word.  News arrives of one getting what you really want to have happen in your life yet you have helped it happen in someone else’s.  That feels like a zip, zip.  Bits being torn from your soul and the question pops up of why can’t I reach the same level of gain.  Not so much in the way of materialism more so in the way of life events shaking out to create good in ones life yet not in another.

The more one has, the more they seem to have.  So it is said that it is the law of attraction and that may be true.  Yet some of us are so entrenched in just getting through a day and try to find our way that we can not really attract too much.  Sometimes not even lunch.

In the case for me, I have cats.  None of which I wanted, yet they needed help.  Food, care, homes.  The day is consumed by just trying to keep things clean, tidy and somewhat orderly so that the house feels ok.  At one time I had nice things.  I don’t any longer or so it seems to me I don’t.  Pets have a way of redecorating that is really not my style or desire.  I live with it though and question myself all the time, of why.

I am not an advocate of rehoming particularly because animals become attached and it doesn’t seem fair that they have to readjust yet at times like in my current situation, it is what needs to be done.  Like many things though, people will look the other way because to them it is too difficult to deal with and besides for now the situation is under control.

The buck is passed and there comes the zap.  Reaching out to those who may help and only silence comes is a reminder that one is really on their own with most situations.   An attempt to share a story, or even a rare whoa-is-me hits a blank space.  Zapped right out of no where.  Yet the ear must be offered and a helping hand must be given in the reverse situation.  Thus the zapper gains rather then gives.  A dance then begins and continues. One learns to live their life in silence and put up a strong front albeit a threadbare one behind the door.

We live in such a farcical race that it seems there is not time any more to stop, listen for a little while or read the gaps between the words of a short message, to feel a bit of compassion, to reach back to offer a hand, a smile or a simple nice reply.  Rather we zip, zap…zip, zip, zap leaving the other person in the zapper’s ever so glorious dust.

Life is trying at times, mostly because of having cats.  The restraints they place on a day.  The expense.  The demands.  True of all type of pets.  I am glad that I know I try to act from a position of kindness.  Of compassion.  Understanding and open mindedness.  Am I right all the time, certainly not yet I will always have empathy for most people, for animals and I guess I will do what I can do make a life a bit better for all along the way.

The zips, the zaps may sting however a new day dawns and offers the opportunity search, see, and forgive.  Now if only the cats would understand about zips and zaps.  If only.

Zippity, Zappity, Zip to a new day.





About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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