A Music Event

As I have done most of my adult life, I seek out music performances as I can afford and convenient to attend.  This past evening was one of those times.

I really didn’t know what to expect.  Contemporary jazz arrangements of traditional Christmas music.  Wow was I so delighted at what the evening brought.  We rocked, we rolled.  We were melodically touched.  Then there was this wonderfully clear, perfect fitting voice from a young woman I have known for a few years yet never knew her singing voice.  She absolutely meshed perfectly with the world renowned musicians of the trio she sang with.

One of the musicians, the bass player is her brother.  He has an incredible resume as do the other two men on guitar and drums.  The four combined though were indeed a treat.

It is these types of performances I seek and what held me to the area where I am when I sold a historic building after long years of trying.  My plans were always to leave then the year prior to selling these events began happening a block from me and I could not resist.

I enthusiastically went to the weekly jam sessions.  Shared dinner around a big table.  Fun conversation.  Then the music.  It brought so much to my life that I could not move away.  Yet a year or so later it was all over and there was a huge void again as there had been the years of living in the small community with no culture.

Now when I get an email notice of a music event, I quickly respond to assure a place.  Last night it was packed.  Many new people or maybe they have been around now for a couple years and I just have not encountered them.  Some of the old guard still come, most however I notice are very uncomfortable talking with me, so I leave as soon as the performance is over.

Yesterday evening it would have been a treat to talk with the musicians and learn more about their lives other then the professional side.  They are each highly sought after yet there has to be more to them then that even though the accomplishment is tremendous.

I did have an opportunity to hug the singer and encourage her on.  This was her first performance other then singing in a small church in the small community.  Her voice and stage presence deserves higher recognition and reward.  She was so full of joy and shared that she absolutely loved the performing which was so evident as she moved from one song to the next.  She brought that pure joy to those attending.

Now for me, my house is selling and the road ahead leads way out of town. There will be an empty space of missing these performances yet one can not live for a periodic performance.  There has to be more.  There has to be conversation.  Dinners shared with friends.  Laughter and joy rather then guarded chat fearing that those who rule will notice the exchange.

So I will have to seek other performances on a different horizon however those yesterday evening will always remain in my memories as absolutely pure, uplifting joy.  There will be the regret of not having had a chat with each musician to know them more deeply.  To learn of the person behind the talent yet as sometimes happens in life, the music remains in the heart and we simply must enjoy the song as we move down the path to different horizons.

For now as the road rises in front of me, I am so grateful I have had the opportunity to witness such talent.  To hear such beautiful music, such a clear beautiful voice.  That in itself is a tremendous gift.

So I am very grateful for the music in the past, now and in the future.  It is what brings fullness to life.





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Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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