When Love Walks

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to attend a lovely event.  The weather had adjusted to just the right temperature from hot to pleasant.  A gentle breeze blew and the leaves of the trees swished about as if offering a bit of applause for the occasion.

It was a wedding.  Not just any ol wedding…by that I mean of the traditional type with the female bride in her trailing white dress edging down the center aisle of a church to the ever so properly dressed male groom standing to “receive” her.  It was a wedding of two women who have been together for years.  Who have walked some very rocky paths before each other.  They are soul mates in the truest form.  It shows in how they are to one another.  How they treat others.  Love flows from them like crystal clear water of a refreshing stream.

They provide a wonderful service to the community where they live through the rehabilitation of those affected by addiction.  They do so in a way that brings the person from a very low state of little self respect to a state surrounded by love and respect.

It was very touching to sit on the patio of their center and witness the flow of love among the people attending the wedding.  It was so thick in the air that one could not avoid the feeling penetrating their soul.  There were absolutely gorgeous young women who one could tell if they really looked closely had known life in a way that few ever have to endure.  They looked at peace with themselves, the harshness they probably had at one time, no longer evident in their eyes, their faces, their hands, their body language.  They looked so perfectly beautiful in this setting.  The same was true of the handsome young men.

The beauty of it all was that there was no pretense.  No need to try to impress with labels or superficial chatter.  It was just pure love among all these people.  It reminded me of a time long ago…the Woodstock days…when attending a huge music event on a farm in Texas that thousands of people sat on their blankets listening to the well known bands. Food was shared.  Joints were passed.  Hugs were given.  There wasn’t any violence.  There wasn’t any one upmanship.  We were all there for the same reason…the love of music.  That love could be felt through everyone around you.  The sharing of an ice cream.  A hug.  A cup of water passed.

As one simply sitting on a metal chair in the patio witnessing the exchange of vows…the love of two people, I felt the peace these two women have created in this little oasis nestled in the harshness of the real world.  The trains barreling by at times although not during this event.  The disapproving eye of the community because there are mohawk haircuts.  Tattoos.  Purple hair.  Blue hair.  And there is music.  Yet as it goes with all of this, one must have a very quiet heart to hear the music.  To hear the quiet music of the oasis.  To hear that love.  The swish of the leaves.

My heart was so full this morning when I awaken because of what I witnessed the previous evening.  Then I logged onto and checked Facebook.  There was an exchange of thoughts on a friend’s page about a man presenting himself for governmental office.  He is a blowhard type.  One who garners attention in a not so positive manner.  He is abusive yet there are those because of his wealth or supposed wealth, who think he is great.  The exchange on Facebook was messy.  One woman responded to my candor and full view of the superficialness by telling me to “Shut the hell up”.

I could feel the full heart being pulled to empty once again.  It was abusive actually as Facebook can be.  I wished the woman a lovely day and let it go at that.  Yet she had to get one more blast in…mind you this is a woman I don’t even know.  She is on a friend’s Facebook page.  So I let her have her last blast, knowing full well that one that is so full of hot air just can not feel the music of the garden.  Or sense the love among people.

I grew up in that sort of environment as so many of us did and do.  Many times in that sort of world, we slip into the shadows and become whatever we can just to survive.  We no longer know who we are so we just go along the path.  We fall into abusive relationships.  We seek comfort in a glass of wine, sex or others who we think are friends.  We follow the mode just to get through the day.

Yet when we have the opportunity to finally break away.  To finally find ourselves.  To no longer take the abuse or allow someone to tell us to “Shut the hell up”, we at long last hear the music and can sense the love.

The love was so thick on the patio of the wedding of these two wonderful women, that the faces of those attending looked like flowers blooming and basking in the breeze. A garden of mixed flowers all growing from new seeds to full blossom of life.

And that is when love walks…

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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