The Correct Word

My mind has been reeling now and then over what the correct word would be to describe correctly what seems to be lacking in society today.  Well let’s say the society I experience.

Then as it goes the Universe delivered it mixed in with other words of a sentence of course.  Yet the word appeared in my mind in bold face type.  It was as if it was blazing with fireworks and flashing repeatedly.  Why it had not come to mind when other words like graciousness has and about which I have written probably more blogs then necessary.  Used in more conversations then necessary.

The word though that hits the button is integrity.  It is something that seems to be lacking today.  There seems to be such little regard for how others treat one another or any moral thought given.  Some are willing to blast stuff about themselves, show unappealing and revealing photos as well without any reserve.

It is disgusting really the distance some will go to I guess attempt fame or gain something, whatever that something may be.  Sites that offer for one to raise money for any wild reason prompts people to tell some of the most lame reasons that someone should click the button to send them money.  Why? Where is self pride?  What has really happen to society that the mindset is we can just go to the computer blast our sob story to the world and with in a few minutes raise thousands of dollars.  What is that really about and what does it say about society.

Oh yes, I could do the same and have perhaps more of a need then some of the people who do.  I guess I am of the old school where one needs to do for themselves.  Earn their way.  There are of course cases when someone is down on their luck due to circumstances beyond their control and those people deserve and need not only attention and money, they need a hand up from the situation.  Those people though would probably never go to the internet and blast their story.  They are probably in the situation because they were doing what they could on their own and doing so without asking for help.  They had a bit of integrity and self pride.  Yet the bricks fell anyway and it happens.

Integrity though is something we need to regain.  To see in society.  It is the very thread that gives one self worth.  It is the very thread that holds all together to make a bigger piece of something.

There remains so much emphasis on stuff.  Bling if you will.  The flashy car.  The big salary.  Oh yes, I hear this from people I have considered friends.  They must text from the car dealer to let me know they are buying a new car when they know I drive one older then the one they are giving up.  They text not once, several times.  Then there is the so called friend who phones to tout what a big salary he is now making and another call is important too to tell about the additional perks.  Somewhere along the way there is no recall of the path to get there.

And yet another one has to jump from his car to run to mine to tell me he just bought a huge ranch which of course he knew I would know cost around $7 mil.  Was I happy for him, no not really because it is not a ranch I can support and I told him so yet that did not deflate his boasting.  He did however try to make it sound better to me.

All of these examples are where society has gone.  It isn’t so much about, so how are you, as it is about, let me tell you just how great I am and how well I am doing.  Please do not take this wrong.  I wish everyone I know and don’t know could do really well.  Could have a lovely life.  Could know that there will be a roof and food on their table.  That their children can go to school with pride and not have to overcome all the setbacks they face daily.

I am not so sure those who have to tout just how well they are doing, or what they have just purchase really know about integrity.  Oh yes maybe the integrity of a yacht or how it applies to something working properly however not to their soul, their life, their place in the world.

It crosses over to everything it seems.  There are those who seem to feel if they mention God ten times in a conversation or on Facebook then they will be a better person or maybe appear a better, good solid person.  Yet if they would just walk the talk and keep the talk silent, their greater self may just shine a little brighter.

It is as if we need a bit of silence in this world.  We need to step back and keep a few things to ourself as was the way in years past.  We need to show some pride in ourselves and by doing so, consideration for others.

The car, the bracelet, the watch, the house, the ranch, the big salary, the perks really do not demonstrate much other then it maybe  a big foot has been placed on someone else to gain those things.  It would be better to just quietly enjoy those successes while moving through life and reaching back for others.

A few cousins of mine are extremely wealthy.  They enjoy good peaceful lives.  One collects art and has a vast collection.  They do not mention how well they are doing or that they may have millions.  They do not even live as if they have millions.  They don’t brag about a new car or what great piece of art they just purchased.  They live quiet respectable lives and do good along the way.  They don’t tout that they believe in God…it is a given they do and evident by how they live their lives.  They are just solid good people. They have integrity. They are how it was at one time and how it should be now.

I think if we could just all step back a bit and not be so caught up in the outrageous lives that celebrities offer us, society could gain some footing.  The barely there dresses that are flashed at events.  One of which many birds lost their lives so the woman could show off her skin under the feathers for just one night.  For a few photos splashed across the internet.  The media.  Birds died for that dress to be made.  That is not integrity.  Oh yes maybe there had to be a bit integrity of how the dress held together so the feathers did not go flying.  The more sophisticated, low key really were the ones that showed the best.  Showed a bit of self respect and respect for those around them.  That is integrity.  That is grace.

It really isn’t anyone’s fault.  Everyone gets caught up in wanting to tell all on the many internet sites available.  After all it is a form of fame even if it just among a few Facebook or Instagram friends.  And it fills the hours of the day.  Busy work more or less.  It makes one look so important to be texting or on their computer constantly so why not tell everyone everything.  Talk all about God…may gain a few points because oh yeah,  I bet God is checking all those posts for glowing remarks.

A couple weekends ago, a long time friend popped by wanting me to meet a friend she had just reconnected with from grade school.  I had just mowed my lawn and was stepping out of the shower when she phoned saying they were minutes away.  I could not say no to her because she is first of all a dear friend.  One I have tremendous admiration for, respect and adore as a friend.  So with wet hair I greeted them.

We sat for over two hours talking about everything in the world.  There was no sob story although there could have been one mentioned by any of us.  We had much more to talk about.  There was no bragging or carrying on about what they had or where they lived although both live in the better parts of a large city.  Where it takes money to live.  Rather we had so much more to chat about and what a really rich time it was for all of us.  It was like enjoying a walk in a meadow with a soft cool breeze.  It was like hearing the babbling of a creek.  Or the song of a bird.

There wasn’t a need to boast or try to impress after all I was sitting with wet hair and little to no make up.  Not the best picture I feel.  Yet we were so rich in conversation.  For days after that conversation I thought that is what is lacking in this world or at least the world I currently know.  That I see on Facebook.  On the streets.  Across the media.

Somehow I so wish we could all step back and grab a bit of integrity again.  A bit of self respect, a bit of reserve.  A bit of pride.  A little less flash and a whole lot more consideration.  A little less bragging and a whole lot more sincerity, realism.

And so it is at last I found the word I was seeking to wrap around what seems to me to be lacking in society today….and that is integrity.  Think about it, integrity…the absolute correct word.

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Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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