A year ago which was a milestone birthday for me I wrote a blog about advancing in years. Those years when you see in the distance that the road is coming to an end. A blur perhaps because we never really know when the road will end and we just keep traveling along. We know though because of the digits racking up that we may have 10, 20 years if we are really lucky. Not exactly something to focus on yet it is tucked in the back of our minds.

The world really is for the young at least in the US it is. We don’t realize that so much when we are living the life without so much as a care in the world. When it seems we have a lot of time to correct our mistakes or take new risks still remains. A lot of time to grab that gold ring and take a spin around the carousel. Some of us still feel young although we are viewed otherwise by those around us. We are offered help in the grocery even though we are strong and do for ourselves. Our face full of the times past betray us to the world. When that happens for me, I laugh a light hearted laugh and say thank you and go about doing what I do whether it is pulling a big bag of cat food off the shelf or tossing cat litter which is not exactly light, in the cart. Though I notice out of the corner of my eye that the person offering help is watching as if to be sure I can manage. On the ready to prove I can’t do what I am doing. It is really rather comical and in someways I am just determine enough to show them.

The reality of age and birthdays does affect what we do for some of us. I think about all that I have and how I need to probably clear out a bit so my daughter will not have a huge burden to deal with when my date and time arrives. I refrain from painting or creating much for the same reason…who will want any of it. And then there it is stacked against a wall to be dealt with and all that money in those pieces that could have gone elsewhere. It is stuff like that we think about or maybe those of us who have always been extremely considerate of others, think.

Friends I know are still doing what they have always done and just adding more stuff to collect dust, more papers to the pile to have to be sorted. Dreams still are held for everyone of any age perhaps a bit different when the years are long and high.

I have an older cat named Oisie short for Eloise. I look at her and somewhat relate. Try my best to be understanding and keep my patience even though she really needs to wear depends and now needs to be cleaned by me. A fellow male cat, Sylvester seems to think he must look after everyone…Mr Neat more or less, baths Oisie as well. She stinks like some older people do. And just like some older people she doesn’t seem to care or perhaps she doesn’t know. She still is feisty from time to time. Still jumps on places she knows she is not suppose to be as if to challenge me to reprimand her. Her life was not an easy one. Struggling in the alley for a couple of years until she happen on my patio in Florida and then the relationship began. It took me a long time to rescue her and she now has been with me for years having a much better life. I relate to her though in some odd way. Not so much that my life was like hers in the alley although at times it was, however more so because we both are advancing in years. She is farther along then me yet I look at her and think, that is how I may become…who knows. So with a birthday I am reminded by a glance of Oisie that years are clicking along rapidly now and as much as I would like to slow the pace, there is a bigger plan in place which is out of my control.

My daughter sent me a card with a quote by Picasso on the front cover stating “It takes a long time to become Young!” And yes indeed it does.

So as birthdays come and go. The lovely flowers are fresh on arrival then a week passes and not so much so. The cards are appreciated and enjoyed, then tucked away as is another year. Yet it is just a day and it doesn’t feel any different then yesterday or a day a week ago. It is just a day and we can not let the age that shows up on all our documents affect how we feel about life or how we live it. We must be young for our years and pursue our dreams. We must dance with abandon and sing to our music. We must splash paint and not worry that those stack against a wall to be dealt with a later date. We must be young because as Picasso said, It takes a long time to be Young! and yes indeed it does.

And so it goes birthdays should be a celebration of our youth regardless of years….a happy birthday when your day of youth rolls around and may you remember that “It takes a long time to be Young!” A very wise take on age for sure.

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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