Rock On

Music touches all of us in many different ways.  We do not always give much thought to the person actually bringing the talent to us nor do we think too much about what it all may mean.  We pop in a CD, or hit the iTunes button and off we go with music streaming through the air or on a more quiet approach, in our ears.

I absolutely love music.  All types of music although I am not really keen on the current trends in music which seem so harsh, full of anger and abrupt.  I feel sure there is talent deep within those and much effort as well as a lot of money has gone into producing the beat yet it is not for me.

Depending on the mood music can transform us from deep sadness to gleeful happiness with in a few beats of the song.  We can go deep into memories when we hear a song from our past.  We can feel the dance.  We can see the times.  We can relive it for a moment if we choose.

To the young readers of my blogs, the music of choice for me will probably seem stodgy or old timers type stuff.  Yet the ol guys are still rocking on and still bring full houses to their performances.  They still sell millions of CDs and have as many downloads.  The music carries over time because it was of a time when music communicated for a generation.  For a nation.

For example,  this morning I popped a CD in the ol stereo and cranked up the tunes of the likes of Sly and the Family Stone, Blood Sweat and Tears and David Essex, to name just a few.

Sly and the Family Stone I first heard at a live concert in the 60s that followed the well known Woodstock Festival where they had also performed.  We stood in the Texas heat on farm land leased for the festival.  We shared popsicles, joints and dances through out the days in the sweltering heat.  There was no violence.  There was nothing but peace and love, camaraderie.  We were all there for the same purpose, to enjoy some of the best performers of our time all in one place.  One after another for hours and hours of nothing but great music.

The same type of events happen now, however all are not as peaceful as those two festivals Woodstock and Lewisville.  I wonder why because music cross over all barriers.  It doesn’t care what is in your wallet.  Or who you are.  It doesn’t care if you drive a rich man’s car or chug along in an old beat up pick up truck or better yet, of those times a Volkswagen bus painted with flowers….the best!.  Music touches all of us and moves us to the core if we allow it to reach us.

So the beginning of my day with the favorites reminds me of who I am and how far I have come.  It reminds me to think of where and when I have made good decisions.  It reminds me that life is a song and it has to be enjoyed, lived as the music lives on for generations.  It is those performers with their wise words laced in their songs, those beats to match the words and bring rhythm prompting movement that push us forward just as those did so unknowingly long ago.  It is the rock on of life because after all music is the core and flow that brings the beat.  That Rock On type of move the feet, get active type of beat.

I am grateful for the music for experiencing it early on my life and now early on in my  mornings. I am grateful for the impact it has to remind me to get moving, to enjoy life to the fullest.  I am grateful to the talented musicians who stepped out from the norm and created some of the best music that still carries today.

And so it is, Rock On….really and truly, Rock On.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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