Is it anxiety, apprehension, dissolution that seems to touch everything we do. The way the world is in and out of a controlled state. The way we must deal with the change on any given day sometimes every hour. Is it misgivings we have or is that we are too ridged in our world to be open to the constant change.

This morning while in the grocery and then the pet store for cat food, I wondered what the impact would be if prices could be frozen for one year. If everything from the supplies needed to make the products on the shelves to the products offered to us. If the cost of things could not escalate for one year. I think it could have a huge impact.

Week to the next week, there are increases, some only pennies others dollars or so. It affects how much one can buy or how one can enjoy life. It makes it difficult sometimes to stretch the money to cover all the expenses. So we cut back in other ways. Sometimes it means we can’t do something that we need to do and it certainly means that fun times have to be curtailed.

So we walk with the feelings that things are so out of control. Some have misgivings about day to day life. It seems bleak. It seems unbearable. The packaging on things change reducing the size while increasing the price. Oh yes the design is lovely and enticing. So we buy.

Today I bought a fashion magazine. Something I seldom do yet in years past I subscribed to several. The combination of the clothing is absurd. No one in their right mind would wear any of what is shown anywhere. And on the inside back cover is a handbag featured, cost $3200. Now really $3200 for a handbag. Oh yeah I know there are people with a lot of money who will pay that just because they can. The bag isn’t even that attractive. So I wonder about all that and have misgivings myself about the ridiculous prices for clothing, shoes and such.

It makes me glad I am not in the mix of the super young with all this seeming so important. The must haves to keep up when quietly in their souls they really don’t want to bow to the force. It seems a superficial world we live in now. That use to be for a limited few. Now it is for everyone. We don’t communicate yet the pressure is there to have the handbag like the one featured in the magazine. I wonder too about that…it doesn’t cost that much to produce. The hands making it are probably gnarled and worn belonging to a person who is paid little and given little respect for their work. Yet the big name person or company is making money on their backs and the person buying it is doing so because they can. Probably not thinking about the chain of process. It is very bothersome.

While I would like a few years back from the road traveled leading me closer to those gates at the end, I would not want to be in the world of the young today. It was bad enough when I lived it with the pressures and images. It brings on a life of misgivings about so much. And again I wonder if all the prices could be frozen for just one year if maybe we could then stop and take another look at how we are living as a people, as a nation, as our souls. It all seems so tarnished. So grey. So uncomfortable. And we wonder why there is so much unrest. So much hate. So much fighting. So many rude people. No one has any sure footing any longer. It is as if we are walking on quick sand and constantly trying to find a place that is solid and secure. Yet we look in our wallets and there is a hand. A big hand taking money for things we need and each week they take more because for some strange reason, what they made last week, cost more to make this week. And the person who buys that expensive bag is encouraging them to continue with the merry go round that never stops. It just spins faster and faster out of control.

So it offers a lot of misgivings about society. About why we are forced to accept what is thrust upon us just to survive. Why things are so expensive and will it ever end.

As I stood in line this morning to check out at the grocery, the woman before me wigged out totally because the cashier placed her bread off to the side trying her best to prevent it from being crushed. Mind you the woman was not bothering to move around and sack her own groceries, somethings few Americans feel they should have to do. A spoiled lot we are. So she screwed her face into total annoyance and grabbed the loaf of bread, shoved it into a bag and threw it on her cart leaving the rest of her items stacking at the end of the counter. She didn’t cool down the entire time. Then the cashier told her what her amount was and in someways I could understand her anger. It was a huge amount and for the huge amount she didn’t have a lot. Probably not as much as she gained maybe just a week ago. And so it is the misgivings come forth in anger and that is where we are in society around the world.

Somehow it has to be reversed. Somehow we must get a grip on the handles of the treadmill and stop the speed of which things are escalating. Not just in cost of items, in cost of what it all is doing to us as individuals. Somehow we must stop the process and regain our footing so that we no longer have to live a life with misgivings about the world. About the food supply. About the expense.

We must shift the dynamics so that we can look at the path ahead and know that maybe, just maybe that loaf of bread will be the same price today as it was last week, last month. It would be a comforting platform on which to live. To have some control over the cost to us. And it would, I feel, ease the misgivings most of us quietly have about how the world is today.

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Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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