Breaking Free

Recently I have noticed that I check email, Facebook and twitter way too often and for no particular reason.  Yesterday there was a post again on Facebook that was bothersome and before I realized it I wrote a response.  Then that prompted a degrading comment by one of the people in the thread and there it was off and running into the unknown with no purpose or reason for the exchange.  It is times like that I so dislike the site.  I continue to have a page because from time to time I learn something.  I hear about a place or enjoy the travel photos of friends who can afford to take the lavish trips that most of us can not afford.  Fortunately I have traveled a lot so I do not long to follow in their steps however enjoy the photos of places and their take on what it is like.

Yet Facebook and other sites are beginning to drag me down.  The world is so serious on any given day and there is so much garbage happening that I turn to sites such as Facebook for a bit of lightness and nice exchange with friends.  It is at times testy though and those times I want to just exit and never return.  I am at the point of hitting that button and may.  I think of something I learned in the past from a post and continue on with the participation.

I have to wonder what real purpose does it serve in my life.  What gain do I get or any one else get, for that matter.  I am not that lonely that it is a source of “friendship”.  True some of the people who are FB friends actually are long time friends.  Others are people I know here and there.  I am not one to try for hundreds of friends.  I don’t have that need or that kind of ego.  Or the need for the exposure for a business.  It is I feel, suppose to be a joyful place to visit online.  Much like one would stop by a cafe for a cappuccino in the afternoon and savor the joy of it all.  Actually that sounds much more inviting then clicking on a site online.

At times though it seems so heavy.  Heavy in emotion.  Heavy in thought and it is not without abuse.  Some of the people I knew in my youth are just as abusive now as they were then and those are the ones that make me want to just click the button and delete my page.  Oh yea there is the unfriend approach however that does little good when they are “mutual” friends of someone else.  They still pop up and cause the bruises and slanted outlook.

So it is I wonder what to do about these social networks.  Are they really worth the time.  Do I really learn that much or is what I am learning or seeing something I could find elsewhere.  And the real bottom line is it really bringing  joy to my life.  If it isn’t then there should not be room in my life for such involvement.

It is the way of today though to be connected on line through a network like Facebook however somehow I think sitting with a friend over a cappuccino would be a far better exchange then the sometimes silly threads that follow a post.  Some with information.  Some fun and then others where one just must prove their point and that they are right.  It all seems so lame to me.  So fruitless.  So unnecessary in the scheme of things.

And sometimes there is just too much push to emphasis that God exist.  I think religion, faith is a personal thing and not something someone should constantly have to state.  Sometimes I wonder who are they trying to convince, themselves or others.  There are some who write prayers which while that is fine, I don’t feel Facebook is a place for that unless it is a religious site.  I no longer read those.  I connect with God/the Universe privately in my own way.  Anyone who reads my blogs knows I am deeply spiritual by the tone of the blogs yet I am not trying to convert or push my faith on any one nor do I feel should anyone do so on Facebook.

Then there are the times when a post is made about someone else and suddenly the thread becomes all about others.  That happens surprisingly a lot.  It is like the ego of some  revs up and has to present itself in a bragging or needy sort of way.

So I think of breaking free and know for sure I can live without any of the online networks.  In fact by breaking free life may seem a little more joyful and less draggy which sometimes the exchanges prompt as does the internet in general.  Some days it is just tiresome to log on in the morning and see all the negativity in the world.  It is something I must override in my mind each day and find joy in my peacefulness.  Unfortunately it is now what is glaring at us anytime we use our computers.  We have to turn a blind eye many times to get on with our intended use.  It is not to ignore or be any less concerned about the world at large, it is however sometimes the best way to be free of the burden it all carries.

Breaking free of it all would be nice and I think the day may seem much brighter without the internet, social media and such.  Yet is is the way of life now so like many, I will have to learn as I have in life, to edit what I allow to receive in my world.  In many ways that is breaking free.

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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1 Response to Breaking Free

  1. Melissa Smith says:

    Well said. I enjoy facebook when I can see pictures and say hello to an old friend. I do treasure those posts. I won’t engage in politics because I may get angry, so I don’t read those posts and for prayer, I have one friend that I enjoy her posts because that is how she lives her life. I am very private and love your postings. The parallels amaze me. Keep writing.

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