Mind Travels

It is a quiet day.  The chimes sing in the breeze.  Someone is mowing their lawn somewhere in the near distance.  There is little traffic passing by however it is a week day so many may be in their office somewhere.

The quietness prompts my mind to travel.  Recalling places where I have visited, others where I lived.  All have something good to recall and all prompt the what if thought of returning.  Yet one can not return, not really.  Not after years have passed.  People have moved on, neighborhoods change.  Favorite stores go away.  It is the movement and affect of time.  Years.  Yet it seems like yesterday when I lived in these places.  Like nothing should change if I returned to live.  In some places that would be true.  Europe for example.  One can count on many things remaining the same.  In the States, we are a country of constant change and little to hold onto that is constant.  That is probably the reason for such restlessness.  Such unhappiness.  Such need to attempt to fulfill the void with things.  More things, then even more because the void is never quite filled.

The internet allows one to travel through the screen on the computer sitting comfortably on the sofa tapping away at the keys.  It is not the same as being in a place.  Sensing the breezes.  The smells of a place.  The sounds.  For me I really miss a city.  I miss the options available.  I miss the book stores.  The art galleries.  The museums that a city offers.  Well most cities, that is.  I also miss living near a shore however now after so many devastating storms slamming the coastlines all over the world, living by the shore is not an option.  It has become so cost prohibitive.  So my mind travels to the shores I have walked.  To the breezes felt.  The shells found many of which hang out in a crystal vase on a living room table.  It is the solace of the place.  The contrast of the water rushing to shore and the shore offering a calm place to land.  It is the salt air that feels healthy and the sun warming the skin to a glow.

It is the peacefulness there that offers also the mind to travel if one stops long enough to listen.  And just as the quietness of the day in this small country village offers that tranquility for the mind to travel, it is the knowing of the places that bring about the travels of the mind.  The desire to walk in those places again.  Share dinner again with friends long ago left behind with worlds for all changing and evolving.

I wonder if one has the option to live anywhere they want, where would they choose.  Today because my mind is traveling, I posted that question on my Facebook page.  It will be interesting first to see if it has responses and then secondly to see what those are.  Few I think, think about moving, change or that they could.  Most of us become trapped in place whether we like it or not.  Most follow the demands of life to dictate where they live whether it is a fulfilling place or not.

This morning I awaken from a dream of a guy telling me he wished he had pursued a different degree and career.  That he feels he has wasted his life.  That he would have been happier just pursuing a creative endeavor.  I don’t know who this man was.  Just someone who happen into my dream however as it goes, must have been from a past life.  And too dreams offer messages, insights to ourselves.  That dream prompted the traveling mind today.  The wonder of where to go, what to do.  Where would be the best life place to live.  I am not unhappy in my life, however like others who move from the city to a small village, we have longings for the culture and the energy it offers.  Some fall into the quiet simple life and in some ways it is great since there are few challenges other mowing the lawn as the guy in the distance is this afternoon.   The occasional sighting of a woodpecker or an owl.  The wildflowers in the fields and along the highway.  Those are the things that are offered in a day. The soul quiets considerably and the quiet allows the mind to travel, while in the city the mind travels become the city and life takes on a different beat.

In one of my careers I traveled.  Flying here and there to places I probably would not have considered visiting.  Each though offered new discoveries.  Great architecture there, great museums somewhere else.  Great coffee on the corner in another place.  Fresh flowers showing their faces in a market by the water in yet another.  All offering the mind to think what would it be like to live here, there.  How would it feel to walk these streets on a dally basis.  Over the years of that travel, I frequented many places becoming familiar with this and that beat.  Of the best place to find Thai food or wonderful cookies in a bakery.  And each time I thought of how would it be to live here, or there.  And now my mind travels to those places and others where I have been or lived.  It travels wondering how it would be to return and settle into a life.  To find the flow of the place, of the vibe.  Of myself in the push of the life.  My mind travels at a longing pace knowing that time is passing, wondering if I will find the flow, catch that brass ring that offers the joy of the merry go round that swirls with the pace of vibrancy or will I be like the guy in the dream, just have wishes and time travels.  The spiritual side of me knows that we can bring our wishes to ourselves however I know it does not always come on the day our mind travels.  It comes when the time is right and not ever before.

Not every before.  Yet the mind travels on.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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1 Response to Mind Travels

  1. Melissa Smith says:

    It is so nice to have traveled so our minds can relive the sites, sounds and smells. I wonder where the mind goes without these experiences. I guess the imagination takes over. Nice thoughts for me today as I am feeling trapped by responsibility. Thank you again.

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