A Matter of Wealth

IMG_6538Yesterday began with the feelings of great peace.  Ok with where life is and where it may go.  How I may make a few turns on the path to perhaps gain a few dreams and improve life in general.  So I ventured to the post office to collect my mail which there was none waiting in the box.  I like those days.  People no longer write letters or even thank you notes so mail has slimmed considerably over the years.  The bills come through my computer so those don’t invade the post office box.   A written note now and then is a treat yet seldom happens any longer.

Many times on the visit to the post office to collect my mail I happen into someone I haven’t seen for a while and they want to talk.  So I take the time to visit a bit.  Yesterday as I began to back out of the parking place a guy approached my car and I realized who he was although he had changed a bit since the last time I saw him.  Maybe a few months ago.  From time to time I receive an email from him and such.  He caused me great difficulty at one point a couple years ago however I more or less resolved myself that it was the situation and timing.  He always acts as if he is interested in my well being although like so many I don’t think it is sincere.  Yesterday while he leaned into the passenger window to chat, he told me of buying a very large ranch.  The price tag on it I later learned was somewhere in the seven million range.  At the time of our conversation, I gave him a thumbs up and congratulated him on the purchase, the future enjoyment it would bring and the beauty of the land he will soon live with.  I drove away thinking my oh my.

Then I ventured down to a shop to see how my paintings look after being hung for display.  The doors to the downstairs of my old building across the street were open so I walked over to say hello to the owners who a couple of years ago made my life hell with the overture to buy it.  Not exactly the best approach and rather insulting maneuvers in that attempt.  It went on for months although because the guy had worked in the building as a teenager I wanted him to have the building.  He bragged about how well he had done and while I am always happy for someone’s success,  it is much nicer if someone keeps it to themselves.  As it goes they now own the building having bought it from the people I sold it to and I feel sure did so for much less then I was interested in selling it.  It is how those with money seem to work those of us who do not have it.  So just like the guy at the post office I have let all the rough times go and went to say congratulations.

A tour of the building followed and they are doing some wonderful things to the building which money offers the option to do.  I infused a lot to the building however my money had to go for the more practical things like major dollars for bat removal and vines climbing over the building side across the roof preventing access to crumbled stairs hidden underneath.  It was stuff like that I had to spend my hard earned money on bringing the building to a functional state.  They now can do the beautiful enhancements because they have the money to do so.  It is nice to see someone appreciate the property and be so happy in owning it.  It is what one hopes for a historic property.  Yet it later affected me as the encounter with the guy at the post office.  The wonder of how some have so much and others have so little.

Why there is such an out of balance level of wealth in this country and I suppose around the world.  Most wealthy people I know and I know several, have gained their wealth through inheritance which set them on their way for even greater wealth.  They are not generous people.  Quite the contrary and sometimes with me, seem to feel the need to let me know just how much they have.  I have always wondered what that is about because it happens with so many people.  That having to tell me the cost of something which is normally a trait of the neuveau riche.

It wasn’t that I was not happy for both people yesterday.  Their gain.  Their new properties.  Their futures.  It wasn’t that I resented or envied what they had or were doing with their money.  It was however the sadness that some of us will never feel that comfort of freedom money brings.  We will always have the worry.  We will always check out bank account to see what we can or can not afford, mostly not afford.  We will not have the peace that such wealth offers for a secure future.  And we are the masses not the unusual.

Oh yes we work or have worked.  In my case since I was fifteen.  Some of us have had opportunities that we did not seize.  Some never having that window of opportunity.  Mostly though wealth has always been out of reach.  Massive wealth that is.  It is not that we are not comfortable in other ways or lack in the necessities, it is just that millions will never be in the bank account.  We will never have that incredible comfort of over the top security of the padded bank account.  We may however reach a place of peace in our heats which I am fortunate to have.  In some ways that is wealth.

Then there is the question of why does one want financial wealth.  What is it about the status that we all dream to reach.  Even if we are minimalist in our approach to living, we still, if we are honest aspire to have the great wealth.  It is why we play the lottery.  Each ticket just a dollar or two offers that slim chance of hope for great wealth.  Yet most who win are either too generous or taken advantage of  by those with hands in their pockets.  So is it that only a few can have financial wealth or is it something that can be reached by anyone.

I want to believe it is something that can be attained by anyone and I know in some cases has however again those who have the most that I know have all inherited from their families giving them a head start.  Then too they are just so accustom to the comfort of the wealth from an early age that they do not know anything different.  That comfort brings more money to them and there in lies the lesson that many of us could learn.  To find the comfort zone and attract wealth if we indeed want it.  I think it could be possible and I think if we walk with the focus of gaining success, never ever accepting defeat then maybe wealth will reach us and if not extreme wealth then the wealth of a peaceful heart knowing we have done the right thing by others.

In the end perhaps that is all that really matters although I have to admit a few million in the bank account would do wonders for my frame of mind.  I still have dreams and I still have goals.  At this stage it is doubtful I will obtain great financial wealth although financial comfort is not too far out of reach if I take a few risks along the way.  Taking confidence in those risks as if born into wealth.

So if we walk with the swagger of the wealthy.  If we feel it in our hears and are kind with our fellow man.  If we focus on the good points in our life and keep our dreams in sight.  If we let go of the sadness the out of balance of wealth in this world brings.  Let go of that longing to be so wealthy that we can buy a multi million dollar ranch or a top of the line luxury car, or the new expensive sofas we want, or the necklace a friend has in her shop.  If we let go of all the silly desires based on money then in the end we will find profound wealth in our hearts and that is wealth that no one can take nor does it need to be offered up in conversation.  It becomes a sense of peace.  A sense of understanding and a sense that we still can achieve our dreams even though the dollars in the bank account may not be huge, our hearts still carry the power that money can not bring.

In some ways that is the balancing factor.  That peace.  That fullness of the heart.  That faith and the compassion for our fellow man.  In some ways it allows us to walk with our head as high as the ones who have the fat bank accounts.  In so many ways it may be an even better life then those of huge financial wealth.  It someways, life for those of us with less may have a more beautiful view.  We may not take the flowers for granted.  We may appreciate the little things in life more because it is how our world moves.  It may be that in the end we are the wealthy ones.

So may we all find wealth in the abundance of the spring flowers.  The song of the birds.  The patter of the rain on the roof.  The voice of a close friend.  May we all know in our hearts the wealth of peace and calmness.  By doing so, it may just balance things out a bit and in my small world I will accept that as well because it doesn’t really matter whether or not I can buy a big ranch…what on earth would I do with it anyway.  It doesn’t matter if I can not buy the luxury car I would like, it would just be dirty from the dust of the country roads.  And it doesn’t matter that the necklace will go to someone else with more dollars in their pockets perhaps bringing them great joy.  What does matter and should for all of us, even those with millions in the bank account, is that we hear the sweet song of the morning birds, that we treat others with kindness and concern.  That we respect and treat animals well and that we take the time to have a conversation with someone who wants to visit a bit.  In the end all that really matters is how we have lived and how we have treated others.  And that is the balance of wealth.

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Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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2 Responses to A Matter of Wealth

  1. Melissa Smith says:

    This story is my lesson for the day, I needed to read it. I never understand why some very wealthy dont have any depth in their soul. Some are selfishly generous and never think of anyones feelings. I have also learned it has nothing to do with the money, it is just who they are in their soul or no soul. I am grateful that I enjoy helping others and I do feel unsuccessful on many days. Even if wealth of money will not come anymore, I have been spoiled in my life. I still enjoy art no matter what form it takes and being peaceful with my life is now my goal. You are helping me get there and your are wealthy for sure in your words and soul. Thank you. Melis

    • annamayfair says:

      As always thanks Melissa for reading my blog and for your comments. There is wealth and then there is wealth. Through this blog I wonder about the balance and why some have so much while others struggle. Yet as the blog explores we can all have wealth in our soul and perhaps that has more value. Thanks again Melissa.

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