City Home, Country Living

ImageThe sign is in the yard, the listing now on Trulia, Craigslist and all the sites that help one sell properties or things.  I am fortunate to have a wonderful home that sets on a hill at the edge of the village where I live.  There is a great view of the fields beyond where white cows mill around grazing or huddling together perhaps in conversation.  There are old farm houses in the distance that are barely visible in their shield of big oak trees.  It is somewhat of a bucolic setting.

The highway that connects the city to the country runs just below my house and while there is sometimes traffic noise, it is like a wave at the ocean as it rolls into the shore.  The river runs through the town and down below a few comfortable blocks away from where my house sets.  It is a peaceful setting with a home that could be in a big city.

I bought the house a couple years ago after selling a historic building in the central business district I owned for many years, living on the top level and having an antiques and art gallery below.  Great lifestyle however 6000 square feet is a lot to ramble around in daily.  So when I sold it I arranged to stay for a couple of months and find another place like travel to Santa Fe New Mexico or back to Florida to find that ideal little bungalow where I could paint and write.  It was agreed, however things changed for the buyers and they needed the building much sooner then planned and I was in a crunch to find a house.  So no time to leisurely travel about looking for that place to land.

The one I bought and now have, was empty, needed some major updating however it had good bones and flowed.  So within a few days I owned it.  A couple weeks later my cats and I made the big move.  It is a great house that flows although much more then I want or need at this stage of my life.  It sets on a corner lot with nonintrusive neighbors although all are very friendly and nice.

I have wanderlust as I have written about previously on this blog site and it is time to move on.  Time to find another place to experience, enjoy and discover.  There are a few places in mind and all offer an artistic bent which I like and need.  This village does as well in many ways yet for me it is time to go.

As tradition has it I buried a St. Joseph statue…small of course in my yard.  If you are unfamiliar with the story or tradition, St. Joseph was a carpenter who was warned in a dream to return from Egypt to Nazareth.  The tradition to bury a statue of St. Joseph finds it roots in the ancient Catholic custom of burying blessed medals in the ground, invoking God’s blessing in the area.  According to the pamphlet that accompanies the statue, in the 18th Century Europe, communities of nuns would ask St. Joseph’s help to find land for their convents. They would bury a medal of St. Joseph and ask for his blessing.  As the testimonies of God’s favor through St. Joseph spread, the custom changed from burying medals to statues although I think either would serve the purpose.

Today homeowners of all denominations ask for St. Josephs’ help in selling and buying their homes.  The pamphlet provides the steps of burying the small statue.  The prayer one is suppose to say although I have always used my own.  So when I put the sign in the yard I once again buried a small statue of St. Joseph.  The same one I buried when I wanted to sell my building.

The other day I decided to bury him in a different place, so I pulled my garden shovel from the shelf and ventured out to transfer him to a new location.  To my surprise the gopher whose mound was in my flower bed a few weeks ago,  to which I placed branches of lavender prompting him to move to another place, must have decided he needed the statue.  It was long gone down a tunnel that meandered under my flowerbed reaching somewhere unknown.  I dug and dug trying to find where the statue could have gone and gone it was.  The place where I buried it was marked with a stone so I knew I had the correct location, yet it is apparent the gopher needed the St. Joseph statue for more then me.

Another one is on its way to me and I will bury it as I have so many times and so many times the sale of the property has come.  It is a strange little traditional thing to do yet there is something that seems so supportive about it.  One feels they actually have a bit of help in selling their property to the right person.  To someone who will enjoy and appreciate it as well.

And so it is my city home that offers country living, is on the market and soon I will have the help of St. Joseph and then perhaps soon a wonderful buyer will come along and I will be on my journey of discovery again.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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2 Responses to City Home, Country Living

  1. Melissa Smith says:

    Love this story. I have heard this for years but never quite knew what to do. You are so spiritual and very calming for me. I read Listen, but I couldnt get my comment to post. I am not there yet but am working on being more mindful. My best to you always.

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