Being Still and Listening

ImageYesterday was a day of great peace for me.  The morning began with a gentle rain softly falling on the roof as I awaken.  The soft drops lasted through to the early afternoon creating a tremendously peaceful, calm aura to the day.

I went about my usual tasks of dealing with the needs of my cats, my morning exercise routine, breakfast and al the normal things my mornings bring yet it all seemed to move along at a smooth pace.  Even a little issue or two popping up did not disrupt the calmness of the morning.

Once showered and ready for the day, I began the canvas that set on my easel waiting for something to happen.  The easel sets by a large window that looks out to a very large old oak tree.  Squirrels and birds hang out happily in the tree and swoop down into the yard for this treat or that.  As so the peaceful setting with the gentle rain set the stage for a canvas to begin revealing its face.

For some reason the canvas evolved easily with out trepidation, without much thought of what needed to be on the canvas or what exact paint to use…it just flowed.  As if the stage had been set by someone else.  As if the paints were laid in order of use and the canvas had been sketched.  Yet that was not really the situation, it was however a tremendous peaceful process.  At long last, I realized just why artist take to their studios.  The likes of Picasso, Miro, Van Gogh.  It is where the heart can be still.  Where the mind can listen.  Where life takes order and flows.

It sets the pace for life.  That being still and listening.  It opens a different path.  In may ways recently I feel that I have at long last arrived. Others around me seem to be feeling the same.  A little over a year ago, a naturopathic physician friend of mine, processed a hair analysis which serves as a holistic approach to reveal what is really happening in one’s body.  While conventional medicine does not really accept the information or process as valid, it has done wonders for me.  I immediately changed my diet which wasn’t really all that bad yet I had downfalls with a love of ice cream and cheese. And oh yes pie and cookies.   I let those go sometimes with difficulty sometimes not so much.

The year that has past, actually almost a year and half, I have noticed gradual changes in myself.  My stamina for one.  My overall well being.  My cravings which are basically zillsh now.  And as I stood at my easel yesterday, I realized I had truly reached a place of peace.  I have wiped out the use of sugar although have the periodic desert now and then.  A glass of wine with a friend and such yet more so I eat my veggies, fruit.  I haven’t eaten red meat in years so thus this was easy for me although the change in foods with the hair analysis did allow for some of that.  Yet long ago I let that go.  Chicken is also no longer something I eat although will if invited to a dinner where it is served.  Once in a while i have fish however mostly it is about vegetables and fruit.  Grains as well.

So with the realization yesterday as the paint so easily flowed, I realized that stress levels were not so prompt to happen.  That I did not feel so much anger and I had to wonder as I dabbed my brush in the purple paint, if it was letting go of sugar.  If perhaps being on a regime of basically one with nature in the use of vegetables if it had indeed brought peace and calmness into my life.  It made sense.  When you think about how a cow grazes on grass with a diet primarily of greens and how peaceful they are in the fields…that is until they are herded into a trailer being sent to slaughter which they soooo know is happening.  They meander.  They hang with their fellow cows.  They peacefully stand in the stream to cool in the summer months.  They are at peace, it seems just living in the natural world.

Of course life presents challenges and demands that a cow does not have yet I have to wonder if everyone focused on a really healthy diet of vegetables, grains and fruits if perhaps the mindset of the world would not shift.   If perhaps some how we would wade peacefully in the stream with our friends or hang under a tree having a happy conversation.  Somehow I think it could be the link to changing how the day is approached.  How we deal.  How if we will just be still and listen, really listen to our bodies and our soul that it would tell us to take care of the temple in which all that lives.  To consume what is only really good for us and to let all the other stuff go.  It is like clearing out and downsizing the closet.  The same is true for our bodies.  Our spirit and our souls.

I am so grateful for the day my friend Betsy offered the hair analysis as an approach and i am so grateful to have arrived  after a year of cleansing to a place where all seems to be still and at peace.  I feel that whatever direction the path may turn, that it is all doable.

And so I suggest that we be still and listen.  Listen to our bodies.  If there is a craving listen to why.  Listen to what your soul truly seeks and find the peace that taking care of your body, your world, will bring.  It is a path worth traveling.  Where the paint flows easily onto the canvas and the spring in our step is happy, lighter.  It is so worth being still and listen in the midst of a crowd.





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Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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