Pulling Weeds

Yesterday I spent hours in my yard raking, pulling weeds from the lawn.  It is an ongoing task and not one I particularly like or enjoy.  It was however a pleasant enough day.  A cool breeze with a beam of sun popping through the clouds periodically.  A good day for the task.  It seems I never overcome the influx of weeds probably because there is a field just beyond and the wind tends to blow from that direction.  Oddly the weeds did not die over winter like other plants.  So it is, I work to overcome the invasion.

One can take the time to walk through life as they remove weeds.  After all at times we need to weed our life garden when the wind blows a weed or two our direction.  We can think through things. Sometimes even solve major problems as we weed the garden.  And so be it if we are covered in dirt when the work is done or when we decide to stop for the day.

People look as they drive by which at one time was very aggravating to me.  Now I just wave and send them a smile, good wish for the day as I dig away at the weeds.  It is like life actually.  People look at us as they pass us by and we have the option to ignore or greet. The option to be pleasant or arrogant.  As a somewhat shy person although one would not know that, I try to be cordial and nice to those I encounter.  Not everyone can do that and I realize it.  And some will just look one over and walk on as if in a fog.  Life though has its weeds and we have to choose which ones we want to greet and which ones we want to totally remove from our lives.  That is not just people.  It is possessions as well.

Weeding out the closet is very freeing.  It also feels great to take what we no longer wear or use to consignment for a bit of extra mad money or to a charity to help someone less fortunate.  It is also a good feeling to weed out the kitchen cabinets.  Who really needs all those dishes.  I think about the dinner parties I no longer give and long ago sold my china and sterling silver. Chucking to myself that with the china and silver I decided if someone wanted a formal dinner it just was not in the cards at my house.  Oh yes I love all the hoopla however it is just too much work and everyone I know is more relaxed these days.  I no longer move in the circles who need to have only sterling silver or china.  I guess those were a few weeds I pulled some years ago without really paying any attention.

Like so many, I hang onto magazines.  I have some that are many years old.  Why?  Well there are articles I want to save however I will not tear a magazine or book apart to save a clipping.  So those stack and are weeds like in my yard, in need of being pulled and tossed or at least shared.  I love magazines though and always have.  Yet I did not renew any subscriptions this year and feel ok with that although when I stand in the check out at the grocery I think of buying a magazine.  So those are weeds I am working on removing, much like the constant work on the yard.

There are other things I am weeding out.  I want less square footage to deal with.  Less yard that requires so much time when that time could be better spent writing this blog or painting.  I want to reduce overhead by having better efficient energy to my home where ever the next one is.  All that is an approach to weeding out the burdens that steal from my wellbeing.  Happens to all of us.  We think this house is great or that car.  That we need a new blouse or a pair of shoes yet probably we have plenty in our closet.  So I have refrained from buying anything not that I can really afford to be extravagant anyway.  It feels good though to just not need so much.  And it is better for the environment.  It is better for the life garden.

Once in a while I encounter a woman in the village where I live.  She always makes a very sarcastic remark that every time she sees me I am wearing the same thing.  Like it should really matter to anyone.  One day I happen to encounter her, she was cool, aloof  and then she told me she did not recognize me because I was wearing something different.  The cool part is I know who I am and I don’t need trappings to prove anything.  I love that I have reduced my wardrobe down considerably although it could be reduced even more and I would be fine with it.  I don’t need much and I don’t really want much.  I am clean and well groomed yet my wardrobe is limited and to me that is great.  Plus when I cleared out my closet I donated the clothing to a really good cause and that is not only a good thing to do, it is a rewarding thing to do.

When I lived in Europe no one seemed to care much about what anyone wore and I so loved that.  The pressure was off.  They seemed to care more about what I had to say and those are the type of people I want in my life.  Now when I encounter the woman in my town and she makes a comment to me, I simply say “and how are you?” as if she has inquired first how am I.  That too is weeding.  The not letting something petty bother us.  We need to all have  peace in our lives and live life to the fullest.  A big wardrobe, a big house, a big yard, a lot of dishes or shoes really steal from the beauty of our lives.  From the joy our hearts can feel.  Much like the weeds in my yard steal from the beauty of the green grass that struggles to grow around the weeds, all the belongings bog us down.  More to dust.  More to maintain. And so do some people. All  take away from fun.  From time with friends or a pet.  Or a simple blog.

So pull weeds on all levels and watch your garden bloom.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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1 Response to Pulling Weeds

  1. Melissa Smith says:

    I am in this place too, just learning to enjoy a simple life. I weeded out 3 years ago when a fire destroyed my prized possessions but the only things I really miss are my photos, my passport to remember where I have been and my dog, who I miss everyday. Enjoyed your lovely blog.

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