Vintage Caravans

Oh my has my mind been reeling today since I stopped by a woman’s house I know in the small village where I live.  For days I have driven by and noticed an ever so charming vintage travel trailer.  Small and so cute attached to her every day type automobile.  That told me she could actually tow it with her car.  I was inspired and encouraged.  Could I actually have one and not have to have a monster truck to tow it.  Could it be that she is doing just that.

So today, she was outside with the lawman whom I also needed to talk with.  It was all about the timing as I happen by going home.  I stopped and chatted about the trailer which has been renovated in such a cute, cheerful, girly way. Cute little curtains on the windows.  Cabinets painted in upbeat colours.  Bed cushions covered in cheerful fabric with ever so endearing trim. Tasteful yet so uplifting.  And yes indeed she could tow it with her normal little station wagon.  And yes she could actually push it with ease to park it.  And yes she was going to venture off with a group of women who do the same thing, leaving her husband behind for a weekend or two once in a while.

I was so inspired.  I wanted to stay all morning and talk with her about this little trailer.  I was so wanting to ask the price however avoided being rude.  So today off and on as the cats allow and other matters are addressed, I have checked out vintage trailers.  I want one that is renovated as well as hers….not exactly like hers, however you know…fun.  Happy.  Something different then what we have in a house.  Something different then what is expected of us.  

For a number of years now, I have wanted one of these.  An Airstream actually yet those are pricey so not something likely to happen.  I think I could even somehow manage to have all my cats travel with me and perhaps enjoy it.  Maybe even there is a way I could create an outdoor area that wraps around the exit so they do not try to run away or explore too far from our caravan.  It seems so free.  So civilized yet the questions arise that one must have to face in society today, how safe is it to do this.  To venture off  and just travel around with a caravan full of cats, not knowing anyone although maybe there is a way to connect with a group and then it would be safer.  It just seems like a wonderful, fun adventure.  

A couple years ago in the eye doctor’s office I met a woman much, much older then me who had been traveling in an RV for number of years.  She actually towed her small SUV behind the RV.  She had such a sparkle in her eye.  She had been so many places.  Met so many people and seem to have had a really full life.  The fun part was, she had no plans to stop.  Her hair was grey.  Her face comfortably wrinkled with age.  The type of wrinkled face that has come just from years, not from stress or adversity.  She seem healthier then most her age.  She seem to have a spring in her step and a gleeful tone to her voice.  She encouraged me to go for it.  To wander around and oh yes she felt my cats would be fine.  

There seem so many advantages much like living on a boat, a wardrobe would be simple.  Life would be simple.  And there would be new friends to meet, I suppose. And no yard to mow.  And as a writer, it seems there would be so many stories to tell.  Blogs to write and photos to post.

So maybe there is a charming little vintage travel trailer out there waiting for me.  And maybe, just maybe my cats would love it.  It doesn’t have to be all the time or one’s home, yet it very well could.  Rather it could be that periodic adventure that makes life fuller and more joyful.   As the years advance, I think we must leave the harbor to catch the wind…and oh how the breeze feels through the hair and on the face.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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