For the Love of Animals

Sometimes I question my self about how fond I am of animals.  How much they mean to me and how much I so dislike the conditions that many have to survive with.

Recently on one or two below freezing nights I could hear a cat cry as he passed by my house.  I could only think about how cold his paws must be and wonder if he would find a warm place to stay for the night.  I saw him a day or two later and he looked as though he must have a home albeit a bad one that would allow him to roam on a freezing night when the temperature dipped past 20 degrees. He was a stocky white short haired fellow with a touch of gold on his ears.  So as it goes with me for the next cold weather I put out a box lined with a cushy towel in the courtyard of my house which offers protection. Placing it near a window and in a corner so that maybe there would be more warmth.  I also, of course placed a bowl of food.  A few days later, I notice that someone had been laying in the box and most of the food was gone.  The next day all the food was gone.

Then I worked in my yard on a warmer day and I noticed him walking proudly out of the courtyard and felt for sure he must be the guy who was crying for warmth during the cold nights.  So each night that was cold I placed a bowl of food out for him referring to him in my mind as Mr. White, not knowing really whether or not he found it and enjoyed it.  Not knowing for sure if he had a home however when I noticed him again,  he walked with purpose in the direction of other houses in the next block.

There wasn’t a way for me to take him in since I have several cats all rescues.  I did however consider phoning the rescue woman who helped rescue multiple cats from behind a historic building I owned.  She is overwhelmed with rescues and has too many to care for as it is yet I know probably she would have found a place and I so wish I had phoned her yet I thought for sure Mr. White had a home because he looked healthy enough.

This morning as I drove to the nearby town where all the major stores are located, I noticed a white cat laying beside the highway.  Killed over night or early morning.  I felt sure it was him.  I came back around to check.  I picked him up brought him home and gave him a burial telling him that life would be better now.  Feeling ever so badly that I had not phoned the rescue lady to maybe take him.

It is doubtful that if he had a home that he ever had a hug or was petted. That he was allowed to come inside and be treated well.  Sleep on the sofa.  Have a nice bowl of clean water, fresh food.  It is doubtful that he ever had a toy or enjoyed a show on television.  It is doubtful that he had much yet he survived until a driver hit him.  While that happens, it is unlikely that the driver did not see him being white and all,  and then why didn’t he stop.  Why just drive on and let the poor cat to die alone or die at all.

It is heart breaking however that all animals can not be treated well and that all can not have a warm place on cold nights to sleep.  Or enough food to eat.  It is heart breaking that people do not care enough and while I live in the country where the treatment of animals is awful, I continue to be amazed at just how much little regard cats, dogs, and all other animals receive.  It is if they do not have feelings or do not matter.  True people are suppose to be the superior beings yet it seems to me that if one treats animals badly then they are of a lesser being.

I am hopeful that Mr. White now is at peace and will romp with my other cats who have traveled to the other side.  I am hopeful that he will now have all the food he wants and the best possible life. A sofa to lay on.  Toys to play with and friends to make. I feel sure he will.  And the person who hit him will have to think about it because really how could one not.

And so it for the love of animals that I will stopped to carry a fallen guy home to provide a bit of dignity for him through a proper burial and a final resting place.  So it is may Mr. White rest in peace and purr from today forward.

So if you think I have a screw loose well so be it because one should love animals as much as they love themselves.

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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2 Responses to For the Love of Animals

  1. Linda says:

    That is sadly beautiful and yes, I am crying……

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