Time flies.  Life takes over.  Different paths are walked.  Once in a while we think of those people we grew up with.  Spent long hours in classes together learning.  Other times sharing our dreams for the future.  Sometimes we think of those people.  Those whom we have not seen since tossing the graduation cap in the air.  We wonder where their life has taken them.  What their experiences may have been.  Some become doctors, others professors, others writers and authors and others find a path less challenging yet still offering to them a path to walk.IMG_6240

With the means of internet offering the ability to connect.  To even chat.  To post pictures softening the shock of time when meeting again after years of being separated.  It offers the opportunity to meet for lunch.  To catch up.  To reconnect.

And so yesterday I reconnected with three women I knew in my youth.  We trudged through the same hallways to class.  Experienced the same classes.  Yelled the cheers at the games, shared hopes and dreams together of what our future may bring. Yet our paths took very different turns then we had hoped or dreamed of happening.  Still life for all has been interesting even though one may feel at first,  they no longer have anything in common.

We chat.  We listen.  We learn where the others have been.  We share a bit, just a bit of how life has been.  We could spend days catching up yet we only have a couple of hours for this first meeting.  While we have lived very different lives, we still have the life experiences to share.  Some parallel a bit, others of course do not.  Yet we want to hear.  We want to know where each life has traveled.

Everyone has a story.  Everyone has experiences to share.  Everyone is worth taking the time to hear their voice because we never know what the next day may bring.  We never know just how long we have and to reconnect enriches our lives.  It is not to relive our youth however rather to find richness in the experiences and joys of those we knew so long ago.

It is worth the time and effort it takes to reconnect.  It is worth the concern of measuring up in appearance and accomplishments.  It is worth listening even though our hearts must be very quiet to hear the music of the others.  Their voices of their lives.  Each is beautiful in their own way.  In their own world and to become reconnected to those other worlds is a wealth gained beyond anything that one can anticipate.

The trappings, the labels, the address, the bank accounts, the pearls or diamonds, none matter when old friends reconnect because it is the soul that comes forward.  It is the soul that is open to listen and experience through the words of others what life has been. It is the mutual respect, the mutual understanding, the mutual admiration that brings about the richness of the reconnecting.

And so it is reconnecting is something worth doing because after all it is not what we have that matters, it is how we lived.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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