From Violence to Hope

Sam 1It isn’t something we expect will happen in our lives.  We watch it happening to others on the news each night.  This murder, that murder. That war, that loss of lives.  We see the chaos around violence from a distance and shield ourselves as if we are better then that.  As if it can not possibly happen to us.  Violence is what happens to others.  What happens in war to the solders who must go to fight for a cause, who are trained to take violence in stride.  To respond to it accordingly.

So when it strikes our lives in a very forceful, unforgiving, manner, we are astounded, shocked.  Our footing is unstable.  Our world changed forever.  Yet we must continue on with life.  We must accept that the violence while evil is not how the person taken perhaps lived and that evil must not consume our thoughts.  We must step from the path and walk a different tune.

True we are different people.  So different that perhaps others no longer understand or relate to us.  Yet there will be a few who extend a hand, an ear, a kind word.  It will be only a few, yet we must cling to those good moments, those good intentions and ride that wave so that the evil of violence diminishes in our world.  So that life can go on.

A friend posted on Facebook about a young man in Sudan who witnessed his entire family being brutally killed.  His Mother, Father and his six siblings all murdered at the hands of evil.  He was only 10 years of age and would have been a part of those killings had he chosen to take tea with his family that morning.  Yet for some reason, God decided he did not need tea so he was not part of the morning ritual.  He witnessed the atrocities from a hiding place behind bushes.  His life changing forever before his young eyes.  This was life in Uganda for him.  Yet there were those who extended a hand and led him to a somewhat better life in Sudan.  Where he is now a minister to children in a Baptist school.  He can smile now.  He has found peace and hope has returned to his world.

So when I read the post on Facebook, it brought back a time in my life when I too endure the loss of a loved one to violence.  The evil hand that took the life of my husband.  So unnecessarily.  So unexplained.  Such a foreign thing to happen in my world.  To anyone one’s world.  I went through shock.  I went through thinking I saw him from time to time.  I went through the rumors.  The headlines in the papers.  The inquisitive people who wanted nothing more then fodder for their next cocktail conversation.  I made it through the funeral service by reciting the nursery rhyme  Humpty Dumpty.  Why Humpty Dumpty came to mind, who knows.  Yet it paralleled the situation.  The pieces could not be put back together and  like Sam in Sudan, it takes a long time to find hope.  It is a long road back to that level of peace when we can smile and find joy.  We watch our worlds change.  We see the backs of our friends as they walk away in fear that something of that sort, something that awful could happen to them.

And then there are the few who extend their hands as happen for Sam.  Those few are the world. Today Sam has found a friend whom he wishes to marry.  To begin a new life.  A full life of family, love and the day to day rituals that evolve around that world.  He is so deserving of this new world.  This new hope in his heart.  This excitement.  Yet to do so he must raise a Brides Price which is common in many countries just not stateside, in Europe or other countries.  It is however part of Sam’s world.

So when I read about this joy now coming into Sam’s world after such violence, I connected with him from afar and felt I would like to help him raise the funds for his Brides Price.  And while it is not something I normally do, nor do I apply this approach to my blog, this has touched my heart and I am making an exception for Sam.  By doing so I am asking that you perhaps consider opening your hearts, your wallet and sending even the smallest donation so that Sam may have the funds for his Brides Price and find the joy and happiness every human being deserves.  I also feel by doing so, goodness comes back around.  I feel for sure Sam will beam a big smile from his heart.  And I feel for sure you will find joy in your heart for helping hope, love and joy flow.  The way to send a donation is just below so do as you wish.  At least keep Sam and others who are victims of violence in your hearts and know that it can happen to anyone at any time.  We must all try to overcome evil.  Overcome violence and we must all do what we can each day to reach back to someone who may have been a victim.  We must not walk away.  We must stand tall with them.  So let’s stand with Sam so that he may have his Brides Price and thus we can know in our hearts we have done something good for the day and for the good of another.

To donate….log onto  Click on invest, go to the “button” on the left which indicates for use as best needed, then complete the form, making a one time donation and in the comment section indicate it is for Sam Ochan’s Brides Price.  I can feel the joy this will bring to many.

Thank you for reading this blog.  Thank you if you decide to give to Sam and even if you do not, enjoy the joy and hope he shows in a big smile.

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Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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