When Life Comes Together

It happens sometimes without us knowing.  The little things begin to fall in place.  Then the medium things, then somewhere along the line the big things start to shift and life at long last comes together.

The beginning of a new year always brings hope.  Always lifts the heart to new levels thinking thank goodness all of that is behind.  It is as if we can close the door on troubles.  Let friends who were energy thieves wander onto a different path.  A career path seems to have more focus with new accomplishments ahead.  It is like doing laundry and hanging out the clean linens to dry in the warm fresh air.

And so it is I along with many I begin this new year with hope.  With a breath of fresh air brushing against my face.  Music came back into my life with the beginning of the new year.  A couple years ago I gave away my stereo to people I knew who were opening a shop on a shoestring yet needing to somehow do so for the income.  So I gave them my stereo system along with my old vacuum thinking I could perhaps replace those.  Searches revealed that both were well out of the range of affordability for me.  So on my periodic visit to a thrift store which always seems to have great books for very little, I found not only a few good books, also found a little stereo that was at a somewhat affordable price.  So music return to my life and what a difference it has made.

I noticed I accomplish more with music in the background.  It is as if chores or other work is not really work.  The music makes it flow better so I am beginning the new year on a nice note…pardon the pun…accomplishing so much.  

Also sometimes the Universe, God if you will, also gives a little nudge with the new year.  He somehow takes the big beautiful broom and sweeps things/people away that need to go away for the good of all.  And so it is that has happen for me.  Energy sappers, zappers and drama queens have taken a different course.  God’s sweep made me aware of just how exhausting all the constant drama was even if I did not see them all the time.  It was the constant uprising of stuff which while it did not directly affect me, the mere burden of wanting to help yet not being able to do so, was taking a tole on my soul.  

It isn’t something we notice.  It is like abuse.  We know it is happening, yet it becomes like the weather, we just take it in stride.  Then when it changes and a pretty day appears, we at long last realize that we have become complacent and needed the change.  Sometimes we have learned the lessons needed to learn, so God just wipes the slate clean and we are able to amble down the  path noticing at long last the flowers that bloom.  The fresh air that brushes our souls.  The music that reaches deep and wraps around our heart.

We feel that freshness of new.  That sense of freedom.  That sense of self.  And so it is when life comes together we at long last can take the big sigh and know God is with us and the path looks rather pretty as we begin a new year.  

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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