Fabricated Anger

It is an odd thing really, anger.  Sometimes it is necessary to make us rally and get through a stage in life.  Like the loss of a loved one.  Once the anger kicks in we are on our way to healing.  It is that fabricated anger that is bothersome.  The kind some people think they are suppose to have.  That they should always be angry with someone because someone has surely done them wrong.  Their agenda seems to be now lets find someone and create that wrong so they can be angry.  

Yesterday I watched that or rather was the one attacked by two older women.  Funny it seems there are a lot of angry older people.  I wonder about that as well some time, why.  The two women feed off one another.  They create quite a bit of drama by doing so yet they are always so angry at someone, anyone.  They spread mistruths in an attempt to bring someone onto their wagon.  They yell, they act like they are on the big screen being paid big money to perform.  It is really awful at the time yet comical later.  

The sad thing is they are like cancer.  Their anger and mistruths spread to others and then there is a gang of these older people who are angry.  Who are ready to attack on any given whim.  It happen to me today and yesterday.  Mind you I haven’t done anything to cause the anger other then things are not going as they want.  They want to be the only friends to a mutual friend.  They, along with a couple other members of their group, don’t want to share.  They don’t want the guy to laugh or have fun with anyone but them.  I think in most cases that is considered isolation.  And it truly is, especially since the guy is confined to a nursing home.   If it wasn’t this issue, it would be something else.  It could be about a place in Paris or the weather.  They will find a way to bully, to attack and to be extremely angry in the process.

It makes me wonder if this anger is pent up for years and now that the number of years left are growing smaller, they release the anger.  Or is it, that oxygen just does not reach the brain creating some form of tension.  It is bothersome.  It is sad as well.  And it is awful at the same time.  

I am writing this in a general way yet there are some older people who really live happy lives.  Are pleasant and never have an agenda to be angry at someone all the time.  Or trash them in gossip which is fabricated and untrue.  Maybe those with happy lives, do stuff.  They actually read a book or go to a play.  Maybe they run or walk to send oxygen a little higher then the lungs.  

I want to find that place where the happy older people live because the small village where I currently live is popping with angry older adults.  One better watch out because without knowing it you just may be their subject of anger.  You may have just created something in their mind that is worthy of drama and that full on anger.  

Maybe too the anger helps the blood circulate.  Maybe by making the heart beat faster as anger does, they actually are gaining more angry years. Oh dear! Maybe they do it on purpose for that reason.  Gosh, taking a walk or run seems so much more fun then creating scenes in a make believe drama where anger flows.

I am not sure which is worse, angry women or angry men.  Both seem to have their traits.  The women are pushy, red faced, shouters and prancers.  Stomping around in circles as the anger propels them.  It seems to make them feel important which is a common trait with an angry man.  An angry man comes up with stuff to make him seem an authority.  He snarls.  He points.  He shoos one to go on, get out of here.  He is more disrespectful then the angry stomping women.  Angry older women seem to snatch at things.  Throw stuff with pursed lips.  Men narrow their eyes and glare.

It all seems rather comical yet unsettling at the same time.  It is something I want to avoid.  Something that makes for a rattled day and upsetting thoughts, feelings.  It makes me want to run away, far away from the hornet’s nest these people have created in this little village.

So I look for ways to avoid the terrors of their fabricated anger.  To avoid the stomping, snarling, sneering these older people toss at unsuspecting targets.  I look for ways to enjoy my day and try to do a little good while letting these people stew in their own fabricated anger.  

What ever it is that prompts the fabricated anger, it is indeed a waste of time to let them rent space in one’s head…after all it is only drama and at some point the curtain will fall.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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