Soft Wind, Full Sails

This morning I awaken to the sound of thunder and heavy rain pounding on the roof.  I love the sound of rain.   Through the pounding sound was the sound of a cat crying.  Concerned it may be the cry of my older cat, Oisie I pulled myself from bed rather then lay and enjoy the sound of the rain.  It wasn’t Oisie,  rather my most annoying cat Barnum who once again had stolen the peace from the dawn.

The rain this morning reminded me of a time sailing when caught out at bay, an unexpected burst of rain pelted us as we made our way back to harbor.  It came down so heavily on us at times it was difficult to see.  It was my suggestion to go below and wait it out, however my late husband a very determine man,  wanted to be settled into the slip at the yacht club.  That needed quest placed a huge burden on the day.  It was impossible to manage the sails in such a storm.  The barking of orders, the frantic pace and muscle stretched to achieve the necessary pull to steady the sails.

As I recalled that incident this morning, it seemed much like life.  Sailing is a great teacher in the world of life.  The maneuvering through each day.  The challenges life presents sometimes not as easily addressed and the adjustment of a sail yet the concept of life can be seen playing out on a sailboat.  Once one feels the wind and the sails are set, the boat slips through the water with ease.  Peacefully moving forward with grace.  It is what life should be, really peacefully moving forward with grace.  Yet like my late husband on the morning of the squall most of us struggle to reach our goal.  Whatever that goal is for the day.  We have an agenda.  We have people to impress perhaps.  Big bucks to make so we can have the house, the car, the trappings of the good life.

Yet somewhere along the way we loose sight of what matters.  Who we are because we have lost ourselves in the fight to arrive. We curse the delays.  We curse the pelting rain.  When if we really admit it all we want is peace.  We want to be allowed, yes we think we have to be allowed…to be who we really are.  Who we were born to be doing what we were meant to do.  We become so trapped in the trappings that we loose ourselves.  Our true selves.  We march onward through the storm of life and in the end what we have to show are only labels and a few friends dancing to the same beat.

If we listen and feel the wind.  If we adjust our pace just a little as a sailor adjust the sails, we can slip through life peacefully and with ease.  We can be who we really are in our soul.  All we have to do is release the trappings and let the wind billow our sails for our souls to be at peace and soar.

Like a sailor we can captain our course.  We must though, not hear the calls of others, or the derogatory words to interrupt our course, rather we must leave the harbor to catch the wind setting our sails to our souls.  By doing so we find peace.  We find happiness and we find the beauty of the world.

Soft wind, full sails.

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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