Money, Wine, Good Times

Yesterday a friend shared what a clerk at the grocery said to her when she emptied her wallet to pay.  My friend indicated the amount owed was exactly what was in her wallet.  It happens to all of us from time to time as if the universe knows how much money we have.  Well of course the universe knows, after all that is what the universe does, is know about us.

As it goes sometimes, messages come to us from the most unexpected sources and at the most unlikely times.  The clerk replied to my friend not to worry because “there will be more money, there will be more wine, there will be more good times”.  Wow…did the woman knowImage just how profound that message was?  Did she realize that it is the type of messages we pass on as if in a grapevine to one another.Image

My friend told her husband.  Told another couple.  Told me and now I am telling all of you.  It is such a powerful message yet so innocently and with out knowing, delivered.  Just a casual pass of words to a customer.  It is the type of thing that can shed joy on a dark day.  That can bring one to a moment of realization when all seems lost.  It is the kind of message that can lift one’s heart with Imagehope.  

Sometimes people, such as  the clerk at the grocery, can have a huge impact on us when they are simply doing their day to day job.  It shows that what we need comes at just the exact moment we need it.  That this wise woman working as a clerk probably, for very little money, provided a wealth of inspiration to my friend and then to those on the grapevine.  Kind of like that raisin commercial years ago with the 60’s grapevine song as the jingle.  It is powerful and ever so encouraging.  It can, if we stop to hear this person who simply for a few minutes crossed our path in life, impact our life.

It is a message that all of us who my friend shared this experience with will remember.  We may even jot it down in a notebook, on a calendar, a card so we will always have it.  

What a gift this lady gave my friend and then the rest of us. I am very grateful to have received this gift.   There will always be more money.  There will always be more wine.  There will always be more good times.

So please, pass it on. 

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Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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