The Value of Blogging

This morning I began printing blogs I have written now over a couple of years.  Wow I did not realize how many words I have tossed into cyberspace not to mention, thoughts.  In times past I suppose that would be scary for me being a private and somewhat shy person…well not totally shy.  You know, not always thinking my words matter.  Yet through blogging I am discovering the support by fellow bloggers.  It lifts the spirits and encourages one to keep writing even though some have told us in our lives otherwise.

Blogging offers those of us who pursue it, to not only write for ourselves, it also offers us the opportunity to share experiences, insights and such while maybe along the way helping through our words.

I am finding the more I blog, the more I want to sit down and write.  I find my mind thinking of what to blog next while cooking dinner or mowing the grass….ahh a task to write about in another blog.  

So blogging puts the mind in action.  It is a power source that pushes us onward to bring the words to the screen.  To reach in our souls and share.  To learn from others who have the courage to blog and share.  

Blogging is a wonderful community and I am so enjoying being part of this.  I haven’t a clue how the name blog came about or even who originated it.  I need to research that a bit to satisfy my curiosity.  There is a picture in my mind of what the person or persons may have been thinking as they came about with the idea.  Sipping coffee as the mind raced to create something the world over could use to share, to connect, to explore and most of all to discover their abilities to write.

Thus blogging it seems has brought great value to all of us and to those who follow us.  I am very grateful for the source, for the opportunity to have this wonderful online venue allowing me to write and connect with others.  It indeed expands our horizons beyond what most of us could obtain.  

And so it is, there is great value on may levels to blogging.  

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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