The Power of Cake


All countries have a form of cake that is enjoyed.  Some sweet, some not so sweet.  It comes to us in all forms and is a source of pleasure.  Not something particularly needed for nutrition although many of us well over indulge in cake to fill us.  

I love to bake something I began at a very early age.  As a child the age of nine,  actually whipping up this or that and entering contests for ribbons.  Sometimes I won a blue ribbon, other times nothing at all.  As the years progress I baked various types and then settled into my favourites of late. 

When I bake a cake, I share.  I cut nice thick slices and distribute it to a couple of fellows in town.  Sometimes to a friend to share with her husband.  It spreads the sugar around and it is rewarding in an odd sort of way, to see the happy face of the recipient.  One or two can not wait and go straight to the sweetness.  I stand watching them enjoy each bite as if it were some form of lottery gift.  It is a joy to watch and such an easy, small thing to do while in a small way improving someone’s day.

Cake is one of those things we use for all sorts of celebrations.  Weddings always seem to have a big cake.  Birthdays are usually celebrated with the favourite cake of the one being celebrated.  Candles set on top of the cake marking the number of years until there are too many years to fit on the cake.  A wish is made then the candles blown out.  Tradition in my family was the person celebrating their birthday, cut the cake and took the first piece.  That always seemed very self centered to me and perhaps why many of my wishes did not come true because I always gave the first piece to someone waiting to be served.  Waiting to taste the sweetness and feel the joy that cake seems to bring.

Although I have become vegan in most things, I venture off the path with cake and baking sometimes.  I make a wonderful flourless chocolate cake that is incredible and now requested by one of the older gentlemen I take cake when I bake.  It is like something straight from a bakery in France.  So moist.  So rich and so beautiful one can almost feel they are sitting at a little sidewalk cafe sipping dark rich coffee and enjoying the rich chocolate taste of the cake while having a lively conversation with a friend.

Then there is a pound cake I like to make.  It was always my Dad’s favorite along with a spice cake and now since he is no longer with us, I for some reason have not made in years.  The poundcake I play around with a bit and add cinnamon, clove, a lot of vanilla and sometimes as I did yesterday as splash of sherry or a liqueur.  It is a divine cake and one I have given many times as a thank you, a Christmas remembrance, a gesture of understanding and hopefully comfort when someone has passed.  And sometimes just for the sake of adding a bit of joy to one’s day as was the case yesterday.

So I think we all should eat cake.  I think we should celebrate ourselves with a bit of sweetness that only cake can really bring to us.  I think perhaps if we all shared cake, the world may just be a little better.

And so it is, the power of cake.



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Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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