Finding Treasures


Once in a while I stop by a flea market, consignment or thrift shop mostly seeking books at pennies on the dollar from the original price.  Sometimes I find other things as well yet there are times when I find nothing which is ok and better for the budget.  I began doing this some years ago after the crash of the stock market and watching my hard work vanish in thin air never to be regained again.

I found the treasure hunting both entertaining and at times sad.  My mind would wonder to who had let go of their belongings to this shop or that one.  Who had passed that their belongings were no longer wanted by anyone.  Of no importance.  A life lost.  A world finished.  Yet all probably at one time had usefulness to someone and because it is presented at such low prices, will again.  Still one has to think of who held the book. Who used the tray to serve their friends.  What were they like.  Did they laugh a lot.  Was their life full as everyone should have.  Or was it a life of hardship, struggles with little joy.

I never look at clothing although I certainly have contributed a lot over the years.  Designer type suits from a life no longer lived.  Pumps and handbags from a life no longer walked or important.  Yet the clothing doesn’t pull me as do the books and once in awhile a basket or a tray.  Not much else.  Well once I found a really nice wingback chair perfect for reading in a corner with a lamp.  Not sure what made me think it would fit in my sedan type car although over the years the car has carried a lot of finds. The chair though had to be tied into the generous trunk and still, rudely protruded into the air from the car.  It made the ride home just fine while having the look like a true scavenger hunter.

In years past I would have avoided these places with no desire to search for a book or happen onto a nice chair.  I went for all new stuff and then I realized that constantly buying new was just not practical and certainly did not help the environment.  Long ago I stopped buying cars new rather going for the previously owned however well cared for car.  Yet it took me a while to go for the previously owned book or chair unless it was something within the family.

There have been times when purchasing a used book, I have enjoyed the notes of the previous owner or later read about them on some blurb somewhere.  Entertaining to say the least.  And as it goes like minded people tend to buy the same type of things.  Like the same basket, book or tray.  Sometimes there is an energy about those and other times that energy has long been lost in the toss about or tossing out.

So it is to find treasures unexpectedly can bring a bit of joy.  It can also benefit a good cause if it is a charity organization operating the shop.  And it definitely can save a few dollars for some really good books.  Or it may be an incredible antique, painting that brings pleasure or sometimes nothing at all.  Yet always offering a little pause in the day to browse through a stack of books in hope of finding a treasure or two.  Rubbing the back of a chair.  Eyeing a painting.

Then again finding treasures is simply a matter of the mind as to what is really a treasure, a want or a need.  Does one really need yet another book.  Well, yes indeed.  And so it is I go in search of finding those bound treasures that someone spent time thinking through the words to write.  The story to tell. Someone before me read.  And if there just happens to be a great chair next to the stack of books, well so it is then treasures found.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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