The Necklace


When weird stuff happens we are taken aback and question our very being.  Recently I attended a show held by a friend to show her latest collection of jewelry.  Her necklaces always carry a story that one sometimes has to look deeply to see and understand.  Sometimes not really understanding.  After all an artist has the freedom to play with the message a bit.  And that message is not always visual.

There were so many lovely pieces displayed it was difficult for anyone to make a decision for just one yet the prices were high for my budget although definitely justifiable.  I browsed.  Oooed with the other attendees at this necklace, those earrings, or wow, look at that necklace.  Some dangling freely in the open, others behind enclosed glass cases.  

One particular necklace caught my eye.  Turquoise which is always an eye catcher for me as are pearls.  The beads draped elegantly and casually over a wooden piece in the case.  Nothing to say jewelry just something to enhance the display as this artist does with her displays.  Next to it hung another turquoise enhanced piece yet it was this certain necklace that continued to grip me.  

I walked away.  Came back.  Looked again.  Finally asked how much it was.  Wow good price yet out of my range of a treat.  Then its creator came over asking if I had taken it out of the case to try it on….well no.  That is forbidden territory to me to grope in a case of someone else’s items.  It would be a disrespectful thing to do….like reaching behind the case for a cookie at the bakery.  Well not exactly the same yet you get my thought process.  There are boundaries and this case had boundaries.

She took it out of the case, laying the necklace across her hands as if the scarf of the pope.  Her hands extended the necklace to me with her eyes on me as she did so and the woman standing with us looking on in a perplexed manner.  Questioning what was perhaps transpiring before her eyes.  

The minute the necklace came slowly toward me, my eyes filled with uncontrollable tears.  Those welled to great depth until they were streaming down my checks.  I tried to stop the source which I had no clue the origin.  The tears were on a flow of their own and prompted by something much deeper then my mind could comprehend.  

I excused myself to regroup…did for a few minutes.  Returned to once again touch the necklace, maybe show respect and try it on only to have the tears burst forth again.

The necklace was returned to its place in the case leaving me baffled as to what had happen.  Once under glass again, I gained some composure and returned to milling around looking at other pieces encouraging this one or that one to buy a necklace that they must have.

Soon the time had come to leave the show yet the thought of the impact of the necklace remained.  

Since the artist and I are friends, the discussion in person, through emails of the necklace continued.  She felt it should be mine.  I wasn’t so sure and I certainly was not sure about spending the money.   Days past, week or so moved on, then I introduced her to some friends wanting to buy antiques for their shop.  She had several.  They looked and bought all she wanted to sell.

She came by one evening with the necklace as a gift of appreciation for the introduction and followed sale of the antiques.  I reluctantly accepted the necklace feeling awkward taking it knowing she could sell it for a fair price.  

Once the necklace came out of the pouch the next day odd things began to happen.  My world seem to spiral out of control.  My cat struck a vein on my hand which spewed blood everywhere at a very rapid pace.  His orange and white coat soaked red.  My hand dripping blood that I was loosing at a rapid pace.  My faculties kicked in and managed to stop the bleeding.  Clean the mess and bathe the red stain off the unknowing cat.

Then odd calls began and generally little mishaps each day began to occur.  If I looked at all of it together it was rather over whelming.  I tried to think the planets or such were out of whack.  Or it was just a phase.  Yet it all seemed so odd that it was as if the clock struck time when the necklace came to me.  As if time rang in a dark hour.

After a bit of research online…thank goodness for the ever wonderful sources we now have through the keyboard of our computers….I found sources and suggestions of how to remove negative spirits from items.  I placed a quartz crystal with it in the pouch overnight.  I put a bowl of salt with it to absorb the negative energy.  I prayed.  I burned incense.  Each time I tried it on to wear it, I had a vision of a very distraught, sad dark hair woman.  It was heavy with emotion and I wondered if I had lost a screw along the way.  

Then I felt the right thing to do was return the necklace.  Not to transfer the negative to someone else rather to perhaps return it to where it was or what ever was attached to it, was happier.  Once the necklace was gone, things began to settle down and return to the normal boring life I somewhat lead.  One of which I now appreciate a bit more then I did.

Still the necklace is lovely and it is just one of those things that sometimes happens with me.  I can feel.  I can hear.  I can sense.  I am always grateful for the messages yet sometimes we must know that we have to step back and not become affected by the energy.  We must know when to let it go and so the necklace is back under it’s glass and will find its rightful owner where it will be justifiably worn.  The artist is way too talented and the necklace way too beautiful for any other path.


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Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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