Finding Pennies


There is an old saying of “find a penny pick it up, all the day you will have good luck”.  It is something my Mother shared with me as a child and for some reason I still carry the thought and search with me.

Well I don’t actually go out searching for pennies on the pavement.  Somehow those just randomly appear.  Sometimes every day for a while, then nothing for long stretches of time.  Yet when one appears it brings a sense of comfort.  I am not afraid to pick one up.  Not at all concerned what people will think if I do and always, regardless it brings a smile to my face.

There have been times when I have passed the findings on to a passer by wishing them good luck and a happy day.  They are always stunned by the gesture yet smile and most times accept the penny.  I also think finding pennies are gifts from heaven.  That someone up there is thinking about us.  Tossing down a bit of good wishes to us indicating all is ok.

The morning after my Mother passed, I had to run an errand to the grocery.  As I entered the door to the grocery four…not just one…four shiny new pennies gleamed at me on the floor.  I picked each one up knowing it was her smiling down saying she had arrived and was going to have some fun.

One time on a trip to New York City, I stepped off the bus taking us to the airport and laying in the snow shining up was a penny.  Bright shinny penny gleaming in the white fresh snow.  I reached down to pick it up just as the bus driver said be careful telling me to just let it lay.  I picked it up turning to him with a smile and said, it is a message from heaven….he beamed.  I gave him the penny and wished him a good day.  I bet he thinks about that from time to time especially when the snow is deep and glistening white.

People walking with me have been embarrassed by the effort to pick up a penny.  I have been dressed in a suit.  In a cocktail dress.  In jeans and a sweater probably the more appropriate attire for penny finding.  I haven’t cared what I was wearing if a penny appeared at my feet.

I make notes in my filofax…yes I still use a filofax…of finding pennies.  How many and sometimes where.  It doesn’t really matter how many or where yet is seems a nice reminder when I flip back through to see the notation.  It is a reminder that a message was sent and received that day.

Oh yes I have found quarters and dimes as well.  Sometimes even paper money yet pennies stand out the most.  Few if they drop a penny will make the effort to pick it up.  After all it is not worth very much.  Yet it seems to find one makes the day a little brighter and offers a tone of happiness making a very valuable little token.

After all who does not want to be sent a message from heaven.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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