The Wave of Freedom


Many years ago a psychologist friend of mine sent Christmas Cards to his friends.  Inside he tucked a blank golden card the size of a business card along with instructions for the use of the card.  The recipient was to write one single word on the card.  A word that meant something to them.  Had importance.  Sent them a message or a word that was something they were seeking.  I chose the later.  It took me days to think of the perfect word.  One that would be great enough for his very special gift.  One that I would want to carry in my wallet which was the further instructions of the message.  Finally it came to me and that word was “freedom”.

It wasn’t that I needed freedom to walk around or do things.  There were not any real restrictions on me other then the normal ones of work, financial constraints and life demands. What I was seeking in the one word of freedom was freedom of the soul.  I did not realize it at the time particularly since I was new into self discovery.  New into the world of it being ok to find inner peace.

Life had always been a bit of a farcical race that meshed one day into the next just stumbling through those days.  Oh yes I read the books and still do today,  that so many great authors shared their insight of how to reach deep into ones soul.  To discover ones self.   Yet sometimes the wave of that does not come.  There is no water.  Water is sacred and it doesn’t always flow as readily to nourish the garden within.  We have to seek it.  To explore for it sometimes.  The books offer the insight of ways to do that.  It is however, a personal journey.  Not all methods of finding water work for an individual.  We hit dry spells when the soul is lost.  We then have a drop that falls on us and we follow that.  We encourage more to flow.  We ride the wave and feel the thrill of discovery of self.  That is if we are open to it.  Stop long enough to listen really listen to the music in the garden.  Stop really long enough to hear that regardless of what the path is we are currently walking, we all need freedom of soul.  We all have that right.  We all must find our water and nourish the garden within.  We must cherish the freedom of the wave.

There are so many thoughts about freedom.  Oh yes I have the gift of living in what is know as the most free country in the world and I think how fortunate I am each day.  I know other places in the world there are horrible things happening to people.  Degrading things.  Things I can not even fathom.  So I keep that knowledge close in my mind and hope that regardless of the atrocities that they somehow step out of their bodies and know they have freedom of their soul.  I send that to them each day.  All of them who suffer.

For each of us having peace within, releasing any anger, living enlightened brings about real freedom.  We are free then to be who we are with no constraints.  We are free to create as we like.  We are free to share and bestow good wishes on others.  That is the wave of freedom.

And today the flag flies.  Today I am grateful to all who have given and strived for the physical freedoms we enjoy in this nation of the United States.  I am grateful that those gifts give us the opportunity to seek our inner peace without fear.  I am grateful for the freedom to ride the wave and feel the breeze against my face while my soul soars.

And today the Flag flies….and the dogeared card with Freedom noted on it remains in my wallet as a reminder to always seek the wave of freedom and be grateful I can.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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