The Desire to Publish a Book


Recently more so then in years past, I hear more people say they want to write a book They want to be published.  It seems they think it is an easy task and perhaps now it is somewhat easier with online publishing.  Previously to be published one had to find an agent who then found a publishing house willing to go the distance.  Taking one’s writing to the printed page.  It was a long arduous road to travel.  And that was just the publishing part.  There were days of bringing the mind to the keyboard and the task of the correctness of the grammar, the language, the information.  Days when the coffee was bad or there was no creme.   Then the process to find an agent.  Rejection letters, and then, then finally, oh yes! an acceptance letter.

Now it seems, again with the ability to publish online, any and everyone can become published.  It is now a glamorous tag.  How successful they are I suppose depends on hopefully what they write and probably where they choose to present their written words as an online book. In many ways it is a good thing so that people may explore with words and share those words.  A bigger blog perhaps.

Recently I read where someone had taken the words from a published book and presented those in the form of their own.  Taking credit for the work of someone else.  Self publishing online seems to open the door to that.  Breaks down the respect of another’s hard work or talent

I have heard stories of success  with self publishing online,  yet to someone who wrote for a living for so long, it seems now such a easy road to travel.  While I have yet to publish a book, it does like all writers, remain a dream.  The reality is should I do so.  Does the subject I want to write really matter and more importantly to me, will it have an impact on anyone.  Oh sure, I can throw together some words to create a story line and maybe make it appear to be a book, yet I want the real deal.  I don’t want to just be published for the sake of being published.  I don’t think it is an easy task.  Of course that comes from a writing past when I had to research something and learn about it for a client before I could write effectively.   At times the topics were foreign to me somehow I managed to turn out what was difficult subject matter, into something a lay person could understand, thus perhaps buy or at least consider.  Was it easy, at times yes, others absolutely not.  So I feel perhaps publishing a book should be a little more difficult then just blasting some words on the screen, paying a publishing fee and bam one is published.  Yet it is a good thing because it offers an open door to so many who may otherwise hold the words to heart.

Personally I love the feel of books.  I love book stores and I read a lot.  I buy a lot of books and search in antique, thrift stores for pre read books.  It is just who I am.  I also feel because it is what I was taught, that to really write, one must be a reader as well.  Yet many people I know who want to publish online are not readers.  They never read books.  Imagine that!  They probably have never read a newspaper when those still flourished.   Nor have they read much other then flipping through a magazine looking at the photos.  Yet in todays world they can be a writer.  Be published and leave some of us who are really writers by background, in the dust.  It can happen.  It is good for them yet also somewhat bothersome.

Many years ago I connected with a fabulous agent who was interested in publishing a nonfiction book I wrote.  It was a good book and one I felt may be helpful to a reader.  It had an underlying purpose which I felt was needed.  It was of course a true story and it meant putting my self and my life out to the public.   It became such an ordeal within my family (Mothers rule)  that I chose to shelve the book thus not responding to the interested agent, now one of the top in the nation.

Needless to say I have long regretted not doing so.  I look back and know the work put into that book.  The time it took to write. The heartbreak in the words.  The research to be sure I had the facts correct about areas that were somewhat of a blur.  So thus that is why I feel publishing should be taken seriously.  It is to me a serious business and one  I feel, should have to put forth some effort other then tossing words to the screen because they want to be published.

There are so many good writers.  I personally know several who are published many times.  Real authors.  Real books.   Thank goodness they had the nerve to seek an agent and be published. Thank goodness they went the distance to write and travel the road to publishing.  I have had the pleasure of spending many long hours with their words yet I know probably at times those words to present the story well, did not come easily.  Sometimes things flow, other times a brick wall seems to stand in the way of the words.  I think even the best have those times.  I respect their efforts.  Their work.  Their struggles.  I love their successes yet I know it can be a demanding and tough road.

Maybe online ebooks are changing all of that yet I like to believe writers everywhere will not take publishing lightly.  If for no other reason then to demonstrate respect for those who first walked the path.  Who spent the hours alone having only their words as company and the soft noise of the keys tapping on the keyboard.  It should I feel, be understood that to write a really good book worth printing on paper is work and it demands respect regardless of whether we love the storyline or not.  It is the creation by a writer and for that we should be grateful.

So while I welcome all the conveniences, the ease of writing and such that computers, the internet bring, I still feel writing is a serious business and one should take care in tossing together a book into the cyber world.   At least not without some effort because like really good photography, it is an art.  It is a gift.   Yet today with technology everyone is gifted.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing.  Time as with all things, will tell.


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Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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3 Responses to The Desire to Publish a Book

  1. Stella says:

    I enjoyed reading this! I’ve had 32 books published so far, all by ‘real’ publishers. Nice to know this is still valued in a world where quality often comes second place to wish fulfilment 🙂

    • annamayfair says:

      Thank you so much for your comment regarding my publishing blog. I hesitated to click the publish button, however it is what I feel and believe. So your comments are special to receive. Thank you so much and congratulations for being published so many times because it does take work….

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