Summer Time


There was a time when I looked forward to summer.  When I would venture to the beach with a book and enjoy the day regardless of how hot it became.

Since moving to the central part of the nation where the temperatures reach three digits as a norm, summer is no longer a fun time.  The heat is oppressive and while there is joy in many things mostly I find myself doing everything possible to avoid the great outdoors.  I love being outside rather then in a temperature controlled house yet the heat is overwhelming and takes away the joy of venturing out.

I try to recall the cool air of living in Scotland where the summers are not really summers well not according to someone from the South of the US.  I think also of how great it would be to have a place in upstate New York, Maine, Vermont.  I wonder too, if it would be cooler near the ocean.  Anywhere near the ocean.  Here the car runs hot.  I am hot.  The cats are hot.  It cost too cool the house.  I take every measure to keep things comfortable while conserving as an earlier post discussed.

I look at the garden and know I should be out there pulling weeds, being friendly to the flowers yet the heat is so unwelcoming, blasting me in the face as I step out.  The heat tires me and has since I move to this area.  Finding comfortable yet cool clothing is also an issue while still looking presentable when the temperature blast its way to three digits.  I try not to look at the temperature that pops on my computer screen or screams at me from the panel in my car.  The numbers only make one hotter.

Hotter it seems to become each year.  I wonder sometimes if it is age.  If I am less tolerant of the heat then in previous years, yet others seem to suffer as well.  It plays on ones mind, ones nerves.  It drags one down to only want to eat ice cream and read a good book, or a bad book.  Anything but motion to make one hotter.

They say this is how it is going to be from now on.  Each year becoming hotter and hotter…scary to think that we may be actually cooking ourselves before long and the areas outside our homes will fall to weeds and disrepair waiting for winter to arrive to venture out.

If groceries could be delivered, if the weeds could be pulled, if….maybe the summer would not be so hot.  I try to think cool thoughts.  Bring back memories of living in cooler places.  I dream of having two homes.  One for winter months to avoid any snow shoveling and another for summer to avoid the heat.  Ah what a life that would be.  It takes money though to live that life and I am not of means.  Yet I can dream and for now I guess I will wear flowy skirts and lightweight tops.  Maybe buy a hat or another good book.

I know for sure I will wait for evening before I visit the garden.  And I know for sure when there is ice on the ground I will long for summer.  But the heat….oh the heat.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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