There are so many ways to conserve.  Just recently I discovered that if I place a bucket under the air conditioning drain I could collect water for the garden.  Buckets of water daily I could collect and thus conserve on the use of water.  Not only saving money, it would be a small effort to conserving water.

My neighbor waters and waters his lawn. Sure it looks nice and green in this ever so hot draught riddled part of the country.  He waters all day long though.  The heat just makes the water evaporate which one can almost see from a distance.  It is frustrating to watch because so much water is being wasted.  When I water the lawn, I do so at night when it is cooler and the lawn has a chance to absorb the water into the ground rather then the surface boiling it back into the atmosphere.  It is I feel yet another way to conserve with water.

Another source I have found is when I change the water for my cats.  I pour the water into a garden watering can and then use that water to again water plants.  I am more conscious I think now of the use of water and what the lack of rain really means.  It is a concern and I feel should be to everyone yet like my neighbor, most do not believe there is a lack because the water still flows freely from the faucet.

I conserve in other ways as well.  I slant the blinds in the windows to reflect the sun away from the rooms while still allowing light to filter through.  It is amazing how much cooler that one small effort makes the inside of the house.

Recycling is something I also do.  I try to follow an old Irish saying of “use it up, wear it out, or make do”.  I do all three especially now.  I think about the use of everything.  How I can reuse, or recycle.  I try not to gather too many plastic grocery bags although the ones I do obtain, I use for the cleaning of the litter boxes.  I have yet to find a use for the litter…sigh.  I think if I used it in the flowerbeds, I would have a convention of cats in my garden.  Not something I want or need. Still like most things there has to be some use for it.

I plan my driving so I use less gasoline and try to coordinate several errands in the same area for the same day.  I begin based on distance with the one the farther away first, then work my way back with stops along the way.  Years ago a fellow member of a professional group told me of a research project she completed of how to conserve gasoline for garbage trucks.  If they made only right turns they would save a tremendous amount of fuel.  Makes sense since left turns many times require waiting to make the turn thus using fuel while a right turn can for the most part be rather quick.  For some reason that little tidbit of information stuck with me and when I plan errands now, I try to make it so my turns are to the right.  Silly I know however it seems to make sense and actually the trip goes smoother then darting here, then there.  It also seems to ease the frustration of dealing with traffic.  I hope in some small way the action is conserving.

When I revamped a house I bought, I refinished the cabinets which were wood rather then removing and replacing.  The look is just as nice and maybe even more so because I saved a bit of money.  I did the same in the baths.  Again because the cabinets were wood rather then a particle board from which many new cabinets are made.  The basins in the baths were stained.  Haven’t a clue what the previous owners did to create such stain however it was not removable.  To replace the counter top with basins was rather expensive due to the custom size.  So I painted designs on the basins creating the look of Italian basins.  A fresh look to the old.

Antiques are another means of conserving.  Those are a process of also saving the environment while reusing.  A contemporary house can also welcome a few nice antiques.  A house does not have to look heavy with antiques.  A chest here, a table there, a cabinet over there.  Mixed with the clean lines of contemporary it presents a confident, welcome environment.

I no longer use aluminum foil or pans, yet those too can be washed, saved and reused in a very effective way.  Plastic containers of cheese or ice cream make great storage containers.  Yet if one must have matching and clean lines, then recycling is a great way to conserve on a larger scale.  Most towns now have recycling centers and if they don’t then one nearby surely does.  Add that to your round of errands next time you go.

So conserving has become a way of life.  I look for more ways to conserve and as each one presents itself I feel a sense of doing something good not just for me, for the environment as well.  Maybe a little effort will reduce the heat a bit or send a huge storm packing for another planet.

It just makes sense to me to conserve and if we all did just a little then, wow maybe we could improve the environment a bit.   Imagine that!


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Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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