Money Talk


It is on everyone’s mind and lips.  The talk of money.  The nightly news carries talk of money, the economy, deficit and so on.  We talk among friends of how bad things are.  We talk about the lack of money.  That we can’t afford this or that.  It is everywhere and in most conversations these days.  Sometimes it is all anyone talks about which becomes rather bothersome.

Bothersome because most do not have any worries.  Most can afford to cover their cost of living and handle unexpected expenditures.  And most enjoy dinners out, vacations, new shoes and pleasurable items.  So the talk seems unjustified.  Yet it continues as if it is a trendy topic.  That one has to complain just because. After all it is somewhat trendy to economize which is a good thing.  Still to constantly spew complaints about lack of funds when there is so much more to talk about seems to border on overload.  It seems to add to the weightiness of any conversation plus it seems the more one more talks about the lack the more there will be and perhaps where there is none, the talk of being will bring it.

At one time we were rather private about our financial affairs.  A topic to discuss behind closed doors with family.  A topic to avoid at all cost with friends, colleagues.  It was a messy topic in the category of airing one’s dirty laundry.  We walked with our heads high and worked through our issues without having to talk and talk about the subject of money.  We lived within our means or tried to do so.

Somewhere along the way as a country we became extremely materialistic.  I think that responsibility lays some what on the shoulders of those who create wonderfully enticing advertisements for beautiful cars and products.  Of course it is their job to do so thus the real responsibility lies with the company retaining them to create desire while filling the pockets of the company.  It is so circular, money.  So dirty in actuality.  It slips through our hands like dirt created by a draught, fine, quick flow.  Yet do we have to talk about it all the time over beautiful dinners, lovely lunches, an ever so wonderfully robust cup of coffee.  Do we really.  What does it do?  What benefit is it to always talk about money, the lack of, the dream of, the want.

Perhaps if we avoided the subject and took it back to a private issue.  Back to being something off limits to talk about, then maybe, just maybe there would be more of the pretty greenbacks.  Maybe our garden of money would flourish and grow.  Maybe the vibe would be positive and bring more rather then less.

I think it is worth a try.  A very valuable worthy try.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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