Sunday Afternoons


What is it about Sunday afternoons that are so lazy feeling?  It seems naps are appropriate.  A leisure stroll through a park or a relaxed coffee at a corner cafe.  Sundays seem to bring a sanity to the week ahead.  An opportunity to clear the mind even if it means doing laundry or an errand or two.  Sundays afternoons just have a sense of being casual.  Like the feel of old jeans and a well worn shirt.  That comfortable kicked back mood.  

Sunday afternoons are valuable to me and I try to plan little.  It is somewhat of a me day to not having huge demands on my time.  It is a luxurious day to do what I please.  Read, paint, write as I am now.  Or if so incline, a sip of wine with a friend for a bit of conversation.  It is a sense of balancing.  A sense of cleansing and a sense of beginning anew.  Sundays bring a sense of comfort and mellow the heart.  

Even my cats seem to take Sunday afternoon a little differently then other days.  They seem to be calmer, napping more if that is possible.  They seem to know it is a special day.  Birds beyond the door are heckled less, lizards at the window slapped at less.  There doesn’t seem to be any hissing, either.  A relaxed, laid back tone to the afternoon.

I love Sundays and cherish the time, the afternoon.  I only wish the balance and the feeling of Sundays carried through each day.  I think I would feel as though walking on petals every day if each day felt like Sunday.  So I embrace the day, the afternoon and have a sense of well being for the week to come because of the special laid back tone Sundays offer.  


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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