The Mimosa Tree


Several blocks away, a tall beautiful mimosa tree stands proudly on the corner lot.  The house it shields is shabby and run down.  The residents park their cars on what may have at one time been a lawn and generally everything is in disrepair.

Yet the beauty of the mimosa tree hides all the flaws.  All the shabbiness and makes the corner lovely.  I don’t think the people living there even notice the tree.  It doesn’t seem that way when one drives pass.  It is natures way of glamour.  Of offering a gift for the eye to behold and over ride the shabbiness of the property.

For a long while the house had boarded windows even though people were clearly ling there.  Something that may have been common in the tropics because of storms blowing through.  However this is the middle of Texas and it seemed a fire hazard to me.  It also made a sad house look even sadder.  Then finally one day, windows were installed.  It helped with the overall look from the street and I bet the people living there immediately enjoyed the light.  So when spring came and now summer, the mimosa tree took over. I did not notice it previously when once in a while I drive that direction.  Then suddenly it spreads delicate wings laced with pink blossoms across the yard and high into the sky.  It leans against a pole as if for support all the while making an ugly pole  look better.

It is truly an amazing tree.  One of the largest I have seen and one of the most beautiful.  It is nice that it graces an otherwise shabby corner and nice the residence have the gift to see it each day as do those of us who pass.

Nature is amazing what it brings us when we take notice and see the beauty.  So it is a gift to see the lovely mimosa tree when I drive down that street, albeit seldom.  No longer do I  notice the shabbiness of the unkept property or the abundance of cars.  All I see is the beauty of the mimosa tree.  Its delicate leaves, soft pink puffs of the blossoms. It dominance on the corner.

And so it is with so many gifts from nature beauty to the eye yet one must be aware to notice the gift.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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