New Vision


Some time ago I found a greeting card…remember those, with a saying on the front that one should see with new eyes.   I feel sure it was intended as a psychological message and see the actions, surroundings and such differently for a happier life.  

New eyes can also come from surgery or glasses, lens and the like.  This past week I had eye surgery and bam did I see the world differently.  A look in the mirror revealed a person I somewhat knew yet did not realize had aged so much.  I could see the clock across the room and unfortunately the dust bunnies.  The cat hair flying when they decided to scratch and the hair left on the chair when they changed their mind for another place to sleep leaving yet more hair to see to clearly.

The new vision also provided the sight to see my neighbor across the street mowing his grass without his shirt yet wearing his cowboy hat.  One of the visions I would have preferred to stay blurred.

It is life changing new vision and what a gift a talented, skilled doctor gives to his patients when he masterfully changes their vision.  One never knows just how blurred the world has become because it happens so gradually and to see so clearly it almost returns one to much younger years.  With the exception of course of that glance in the mirror.  

One step is a bit more confident and the desire to return to activities once allowed to drift into the closet.  Flowers are more vivid.  Photographs sharper.  Food appears more delicious.  And the smile of a friend so much warmer and sincere.

It is indeed a gift to have new vision both physically and psychological because it seems those go hand in hand.  It is a gift that one man decided to take the direction to become so skilled in the process of correcting vision.  It is a gift of a new life.  A new beginning.  A new vision.  


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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