So Many Topics


When I created this blog because a colleague suggested it would be something to do with my writing, I wanted to be a source of support, insight perhaps and maybe a bit spiritual.  Topics come to mind.  I write.  I explore with words pulling from experience.  Sometime experience from the long past, sometimes, well mostly I suppose from where I currently live.

The small town where I live offers so much for a writer to discuss.  To share.  To explore.  Some of it seems silly.  Some of it seems amazing.  Mostly it seems unsettling.  Yet the topics come.

Today following such a horrendous disaster in Oklahoma that most of us can not even phantom how it must feel, I think of community. How the people of Oklahoma were  enjoying a beautiful day, then a few minutes later taking shelter where it logically seemed safe yet was not because there was no safe place.  People are killed.  Animals are tossed about like old shoes.  Pets are lost.  Some found, some not.  Hearts break.  Deeply break.  

It was a neighborhood.  A town.  Schools where children learned for their futures.  People who were neighbors, maybe friends.  Maybe not.  Still one has to look at the photos and know together whether friends or not they are jointly suffering.  Jointly tossed into the realm of misery that a disaster brings.  Some will stay to rebuild, others will leave hoping to heal the scars of the afternoon.  Pets will nervously stay close.  Afraid of the sound of lightning or a thunderstorm.  Afraid of even the slightest sound.  Hopefully they will not be abandon to wander seeking the home they knew only to discover no one comes for them.  Hopefully from the disaster and devastation there will be kindness to all beings.  

And hopefully all of us will learn from this and will think of what we can do each day to make someone else’s world maybe just a little better because we never know when disaster may strike our neighborhood.  There is no rhyme or reason, yet the Universe must have one.  We can only deal with the death by thinking it was their time to go yet as thinking beings we have to wonder why that town.  That afternoon.  

So as we all watch with sadden hearts perhaps as a people we can learn and remember that things can change within an afternoon.  Lives.  Thoughts.  Places.  All within minutes changed forever.  For the survivors they have to be strong.  They have to find peace somewhere and they have to begin anew and while change is good, unexpected forced change is challenging.

Maybe, just maybe we will each recall this tragedy and look at our neighbors with more favorable eyes.  Perhaps that is why the Universe continues to test us so that we will learn to be respectful, supportive of our neighbors, of man kind of animals.  Perhaps it is the Universe telling us to seek peace and love one another.  Perhaps that is the reason for disasters.  Perhaps.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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