Feeling Restless


My Dad always said of restlessness as one with traveling feet.  It wasn’t that the person was unworthy or unreliable,  it was just that they were curious.  They had the need to experience.  A sense of the change.

So it is with houses.  Some people can settle into a new house.  Think of it as home.  Stay a long while.  Even years.  For me once I have it completed I am ready to move.  I want a new canvas.  A new neighborhood.  I feel that restlessness.  It is not so much that there isn’t something to do.  It is just that it is a project complete and time for another project.

Maybe it comes from years of completing projects in my career and then seeking a new client.  Beginning the cycle again over and over again.  Learning, analyzing, creating, completing.  There is a certain satisfaction that comes from the process.  And so it is with houses, properties or really anything for that matter.  Tackle it, get it done and then move onto the next project.

So there is a sense of restlessness.  I don’t think it is a negative although I feel sure some would think so and perhaps an analyst whom I may pay big bucks to tell me such, yet it doesn’t seem that way at all.  It seems like it is a growing process both for the soul and for the mind.  Sometimes even for the physical well being if there is that sort of work involved.

There isn’t any attachment to a property, a house, to some a home…it is about how it looks to me.  How it functions.  How it appears to someone else and how they may find comfort in it as a home.  Yet if I really think about it I would like to find that place…where ever that place is, that I can settle into.  Empty the boxes of books for the long haul.  Set out my treasures and call it home.

The problem for me is after years of traveling for a career, there are so many places.  All offer something positive.  All offer something appealing.  Perhaps it is the writer or artist in me.  Maybe the romantic that sees something in each place thus bringing on the restlessness. The traveling feet.

It does expand the soul.  It does provide creative release.  Lessons along the way and memories of which I have many.  Each property I think maybe I can just stay,  yet I read a book or recall a place I have traveled and then long to find a house there.  To maybe settle down for the long haul.  Bring out the books.  Set out the treasures.

This I know for sure, the long term place when it is at long last found, will be near water.  Maybe a stream, maybe a lake, maybe an ocean. There is something about the water that quiets the soul and offers a calm to traveling feet.

So it is those ripples of water in the sand that parallel the restlessness while ebb and flow of the tide calm, sooth the soul and those traveling feet.   Bring out the books, set out the treasures…watch the water flow.  Quiet the restless soul.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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