Watching the news each night I so hope to see something positive.  Each night there is all this dismal stuff and while I know it is reality, the real world so to speak, it makes me wonder why there is so much madness in society today.  Some one has been shot.  There is a police chase and the guy being chased turns on the police always causing someone many times himself to be killed or injured.  Mothers are killing their dear children because they are overwhelmed, or at the influence of drugs.  There are gangs do unthinkable things.  There are people undermining one another.  Politicians act like they are free to do what they want as if the rules do not apply to them.

Is it perhaps the influence of the planets.  Is it maybe global warming or freezing in some parts that is affecting the thinking of some.  Overheated thoughts, lack of oxygen to the brain by the weather being so cold.  What on earth is causing such a dramatic change in how the world is evolving.

Each morning as I peacefully sip coffee beginning my day, I check emails, facebook and twitter yet while those may be favorable, the main page to my email is not always such.  The headlines shout all the madness that has occurred around the world while I slept.

We turn our heads sometimes not catching indications of something we can do to help.  We are too busy with our lives.  We don’t want to interfere.  We don’t want the madness to seep into our lives.  Yet it is there each day on the news.  On the computer.  In conversation.  It is there.  At times it all seems rather overwhelming as if there is nothing at all we can do to help change the way the world is evolving.

It all makes me wonder does anyone care if their neighbor is starving or homeless.  Maybe a few do however most seem to only be thinking of themselves.  It all shows up on the news and if only for a little while we could think of one another, of something positive and then try to do so daily, maybe just maybe the madness will go away and the news will perhaps be a little less all about the madness of the world.

Good deeds are done sometimes as was the case of the kind fellow who sprung into action to help the three women captive for so long.  Did we forget about them.  Did we really continue to help.  Is that a case of madness coming to affect us.  It does and in this case has at long last a positive ending.

So I have to wonder if we reach out to those around us.  If we really seek to be helpful and caring could such situations be changed.  Could some of the madness be eased.  It is always a question with perhaps no solid answer.  Yet it would be great to have the world be at peace on all realms.  Really at peace.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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