It is said that if we are grateful then more good things will come our way.  It takes so little to be grateful yet many times we ignore the entire thought of gratitude.  We forget to say a mere thank you which may make someone’s day.  We focus so much on the lack of what isn’t there or the issues at hand that we fail to look beyond.

Once I began looking at things differently and thinking with more gratitude I noticed that things more or less became less stressful.  That life took on a much fuller feel.  There seem to be a dance to follow and I wanted to hear the music.

Gratitude is such an easy thing to do.  I now think of how thankful I am that I have cardinals dining outside as I have breakfast each morning.  I am grateful although at times a burden, for the cats I have rescued, making their lives and mine better.  There are big things as well, yet all the little things really add up to an abundant feeling of gratitude.  And it is the little things like being thankful for the beautiful spring wildflowers along the road and that I have the eyesight to see those.

Without knowing it as a small child, maybe 5 or 6, I would open the cabinet where my socks and such were kept.  I would ever so carefully take the socks out to proudly fold them, count them and stack them back in the cabinet.  I may have only had three pairs of socks yet this ritual made me very grateful for those three pairs of socks and I always felt so wealthy even though as a family we certainly were not wealthy.  It is something I think about as an adult just how grateful I was as a child and how grateful I have become as an adult.

There were times I did not think about gratitude.  Did not even practice it.  Rather I got caught up albeit for a short while in that trend of “you deserve it” and set about in the materialistic world.

Gratitude seems to be something we leave out of our lives.  We are way too busy to think of such a silly thing.  To even consider that we are fortunate however it is and be grateful.

Gratitude is a big deal though.  It is one small easy thing that one can do alone.  Feel.  Recall and enjoy.  It doesn’t cost anything.  It doesn’t really take any time.  It can become a great habit if practiced and shared.  Who knows it may even change one’s life.

By returning to the feelings of gratitude and counting my socks, my adult socks, I feel so much richness and I make every effort to say thank you to a server, the cashier in the market or friend.  It just makes life so much fuller. Abundant.  Peaceful.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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