The Influence of Books


Books are such good friends.  I so prefer the old fashion form, rather then the new wave.  The beautifully designed cover.  The feel of opening the cover and turning that first page.  It is comforting to hold a book and live with it for the time of reading.  Taking in the words of a talented soul who labored over those words.  Then when finished I enjoy having them stacked on a table or in a bookshelf.  They become friends.  I write in my books.  That took a while to feel the freedom of noting a thought or underlining a good phrase.  A paragraph that makes an impact.  I write, draw in the margins and live the book as I read.  

I suppose because I do what most authors wish to achieve, I really get into the story line, the characters, the scenery created.  I visualize all of it and many times have been greatly influenced by the message.  Non fiction at times has prompted me to follow a direction long feared. Or take a different view of something.  Novels many times pull me in and I have stayed up well into the night to read a well written novel.  Many times as well I have longed to live in the town, the country or the house the author has created with words.  

Seldom is it that I can not complete a book.  At times I have mustered through out of respect for the writer.  The effort put forth even though it did not flow well or hold my attention.  And violence.  Well I just can not read violence.  There is so much violence that pops on my computer, and on the news that I can not endure it in the books I read for pleasure.  Of course I realize sex and violence sell books, however I feel there is a market, a big market who really will read and enjoy a well written book without violence…or at least with out gory violence.  There really is no need.  

Books I feel really can and do influence the reader.  Sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. Still books influence and touch our lives.  We need the printed word.  We need to connect with something substantial and remove ourselves perhaps for a short while from the day to day world.  Books are like a mini vacation and sometimes the places the author takes us feel like vacations.  

Many of my favorite books have been read, reread and then read again.  Each time finding something new or underling yet another phrase.  Several have notes in the front of the dates of being read.  Those books are like old friends who I search out when I need a bit of comfort.  

Not only do the words on the page influence us, it seems there is a comfort to physical books.  A room full of books immediately communicates comfort, a relaxed feeling.  There is a coziness to a stack of books.  One wants to touch and flip through the pages.  Book stores draw us in and offer a feeling of safeness among all those books.  A rather heady feeling to stroll the rows and rows of books.  If only all could speak as we walk by or pick up to read the cover.  

Without us ever realizing it we are influenced by books.  We somewhat take the physical object for grant it and in our rushed lives we download to read as we speed through life.  Even so, books influence us on many fronts.  

For me, I look back and recall a book then think of how I searched out a place like the one the author painted, or pursued a career, or learned to sail even though it was a novel.   Many times wondering if the author really intended such influence, such impact.  Yet is happens and why I so love to spend time with books.   My old influential friends.  


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Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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