Friendship is a rather heavy duty word yet the meaning varies.  Today while cleaning my house…ugh…I could not get the thought of what friendship really means to me from my mind.  With each broom stroke, mop swipe, I thought of the friendships I have, had and thought I had.  

To me a friend is someone who has your back regardless of the circumstances…well most circumstances anyway.  Who will drive you somewhere if you need to be driven.  Who will share the expense of lunch or dinner, not expecting or even thinking otherwise.  A friend is someone you can bare your soul to and know it is not going to be broadcast all over the universe.  

A friend respects who one is.  A friends also accepts who one is and does not want to see you differently.  A friend likes you even if you do not have a tony label in your collar.  And to me a friend is someone I can share a laugh with…a really deep hysterical laugh.  

For me it takes a while to become friends yet people I barely know sometimes have called me a friend.  While flattering, it is rather superficial because they haven’t a clue who I am.  And then there is the category on Facebook, friend.  So many go for high number of friends.  Is that really impressive when it is doubtful they really know the people.  Well not really know them.  

Friends also have their seasons.  Some come into our lives at a time we need that type of person to share the path with us.  Then the time comes to follow different paths.  Yet there are friends who last a lifetime, sharing the path of life regardless of the detours, turns and sidetracks.  They can be miles away, yet the conversation or visit is like yesterday even though it may have been years.  

Friends are important to our well being.  We need each other.  We need to have them around as we grow older to chat and share the concerns of older years.  The voids that happen.  The lonely moments that come when there is no longer the demands on a life.  We need each other to remind ourselves we still matter.  That we are still important.  

So to me friends are very valuable and for the ones I have I am extremely grateful.  The ones that have come and gone, I am grateful for those as well since from them lessons were learned.  It is important to have friends who value you as much as you value them.  Who treat you as well as you treat them even if the season is short.  


Friends are more and more important in this crazy unsettled world we now live.  They help us steady our walk.  Soften our talk.  See the moon, the stars, the sunrise.  They help us through today, tomorrow and sometimes the past. 

So may we all each day find value in the friends who stand beside us.  Have our backs and appreciate us even when sometimes we do not appreciate ourself.  

Friends are very important people.



About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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