A French Sofa


For the most part I am rather practical in my choices of furniture.  Although having owned an antique and art gallery for a few years certainly trained my mind and eye to recognize something great in an old piece.  I began to see antiques as also very environmentally friendly.  No trees having to be cut down to make new furniture.  The old had history and could tell many tales perhaps if it could speak.

So when the request of some time past, came to be an opportunity to buy a lovely old, charming French sofa, I went for it.  I have for so long wanted a French sofa, with the curvy carved feet.  The graceful lines.  Its voice speaking very thick French that one can almost smell the rich coffee and taste the crusty pastry or feel the fizz of champagne on the face. 

It shouts, come read with me.  Cozy into my arms for a nap.  Have a chat with a friend, or a dream.  So the sofa is like a long time dream come true…well actually it is a dream come true.  One I did not think would ever happen.  It came about finally when someone I know and told I wanted to buy the sofa a couple years ago, decided to sell the sofa.  And also a surprise, he gave me a very nice price.  It took a couple of months to find someone to help me move it.  So when it came into my house yesterday.  Found its place in my gallery, I was excited. I was not alone in that excitement….my black and white cat, Sylvester jumped on the sofa….scurried around from one end to the other.  Jumped on the back.  Down on the cushion…scooted, rubbed, scurried some more…chased his tail and then finally settled into a very long comfortable nap.  He demonstrated with abandon exactly how I felt…well I don’t know about chasing the tail but I felt joy, happiness, excitement, pride all at the same time and Sylvester celebrated it all for me.  

So I wonder why it is that such a piece of furniture brings such comfort, such joy.  The energy of it must be very good because all my cats have claimed it as theirs.   It adds a feel of established.  It also feels as though it may have been an author’s sofa.  As if it has many joyful, happy stories to share.  Perhaps Sylvester and the others hear those stories and why they are so comfortable on this new addition to our home.

It is a deep blue in colour and feels like the shore to me in many ways.  It beckons to come hear the waves, to listen to the shells.  To read.  

And so it is I have the fulfillment of something wanted for a long, long time yet never expected or felt I would have.  Such a nice surprise and such delight that  Sylvester demonstrated all the joy I felt.  

The ever lovely deep blue French sofa…at home.  




About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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