It occurred to me this morning that even though life seems on a totally different level then in times past, egos never the less still grip.  

Long ago I let go of associating what I owned, or did to who I am.  I can’t say that it came easy however I managed to realize that there was something more to me then what I had.  What people saw of me in the property I owned, the car I drove or the labels in my collar.  I more or less arrived at a much better place or so it has been for me.  

At times though when I encounter someone whose ego is still in control of who they are, there is friction because it is apparent that I really do not care.  It just is not that important to me what they have or how important they perceive themselves to be.  I feel sure my lack of impression comes across and is probably annoying.  

I have come to enjoy the simpler things in life.  In fact less seems to be easier, better, happier.  Don’t take that wrong, I enjoy collection of things, like shells, art and finer things yet those no longer own me.  I no longer feel the need to be proud of what I have.  It comes down to whether or not I visually like it regardless of the origin or cost.  It may be a simple beautiful feather that has been tossed as a message to my feet.  It may be a shell or an inexpensive painting.  And then it may just be the song the chimes hanging outside send.  Or the pure beauty of a Cardinal dining on the seed set out for them.

There is no ego involved.  And by not having an ego involved and being self assured, comfortable with whom I have become, where I am going, I have tremendous freedom of the soul.  

And so it came to me this morning as I wrote in my journal that recent events, tense events, boundaries, threatening feelings by others is nothing more then their ego at play.  So the hurt vanished with that realization and the chimes now play loudly again as the breeze tickles the tubes.  It is a peaceful, soulful way to live, not being controlled by an ego.  Freedom, absolute, freedom.

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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