The other day while sitting in the chair at the hair cutter’s, the conversation turned to the subject of change.  It is always an intriguing subject because so many view it in vastly different ways.  In some ways I don’t mind change, in fact welcome it.  Yet in others I really dislike it.

The haircutter was emphatic about that she did not like change at all.  She found it to be extremely unsettling.  She like things to remain status quo thus having a solid comfort zone for her.  Change made her extremely uneasy, stressed.

We live in a world of constant change.  Some time when I log on my computer in the morning, overnight the server has changed the appearance of the main page.  It is annoying at first and then after an hour or so, I am with it as if it never changed.  The weather is forever changing now.  We never seem to know when winter will begin or end although we wish for a change in temperature in the middle of summer and sometimes in the middle of winter.  We seek change then not considering that we are really seeking change.

We also seek a change of scenery from time to time.  Something good for the soul.  People who think they know me are always amazed at the ability I have to move.  Leave one house behind for another or a town for another.  Perhaps I am a seeker.  Always wanting to discover.  Always wanting to experience.  It was not always that way with me.  I lived for years in the same apartment, dreading moving, dreading having to even look for a new place.  Then something changed and I moved every year or so, for many.  More recently I lived in the same place for over six years however that was more because the property did not sell then not seeking or wanting change.  I wanted it very much at the time.

Now I want to sell the house I have owned for less then a year and move back to Florida. I am near completion of work on the house which I will chat about in another blog another day.  Some ideas on that subject to share.

Moving back to Florida seems to be a huge draw for me.  The coast.  The weather.  The variety of accents that pepper the air in the market, at the restaurants.  There is a freshness there, oddly enough much like one feels in California.  The air feels cleaner and I feel healthier.  Maybe that is because I walk the shore or spend more time outside because it is so pleasant.

Yet to think of packing all I have accumulated having been an antique dealer the past few years and moving is a bit overwhelming.  I think, oh I can just stay here, yet I know that is simply fear and I must face the fear because the change…there we have it again…will be good for me.  The change albeit cumbersome to experience with a major move will be rewarding in the end.

And so I go with change because as I read somewhere and remembered…to catch the wind one must leave the harbor.   And so it is.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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