Next Best Thing

Next best thing is a phrase long in use yet I sometimes wonder what the real meaning is.  I suppose it is the application.  Yet is it a compliment or is it an insult.

While assisting someone I know, very high maintenance someone.  Almost a waste of time someone and becoming more so with each encounter….revamp her office, I was not only berated for suggesting she use something she already had.  Thus not having to buy something new.  In this case a desk and an armoire.  Her mind was set that she wanted to spend money.  Something she does better then most.  Once identifying that was the motive of revamping her office, I decided it would be great to help friends sell some of their items in their shop for the revamp.  It worked and soon the office will have a bit of whimsey, colour and a pulled together look which is far from how it was when I first encountered the space.

Once the decisions were made on that, then it was the rest of the house….we did a walk through.  I made a few small suggestions and then once out of hearing range of her husband I was told that was my next project.  Well no offer of money had been made or compensation terms even asked.  It was blatantly apparent I was expected to do this at no charge.

When I suggested that I knew a couple of “real” designers, the real kind with degrees and a practice of sorts.  I was arrogantly told, that she would never pay to have a designer come to her home to revamp.  That I was the next best thing however….so there it was.  That phrase…the next best thing.  I didn’t feel to flattered at the time nor do I still.  In fact I felt insulted and remain that way.  

I have for a long time set up spaces both for friends and for myself.  In years past for clients at a fee.  Yet this woman does not care to recognize that background yet apparently thinks I have what it takes to revamp a space into something much, much better.  Still…the next best thing is like saying she is settling.  It seems a total slap in the face.  So bothersome that I will never do anything again to assist this woman.  Nor do I ever want to see her again.  Amazing what an impact a phrase can have.

Then I tell myself it is coming from someone who demands extra powder sugar on her French Toast because the one served me has more then the one served her.  Life I feel is way too much fun and too short to have high maintenance, arrogant, condescending people mess up your day or be in your life.

I guess perhaps it is the next best thing….

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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