Bridge of life

This morning while writing in my journal….morning pages as Julia Cameron refers to those…a thought popped into mind that solved a long time issue for me.  I am a bridge.  I have been for most of my life.  Never realized it.  Never really thought of it that way until this morning.  I have talent…many talents actually.  One of the fortunate ones.  However those of us with multiple talents get lost along the way.  Others ask for use of our talents thinking nothing of it and rarely feeling the need to pay.  After all it comes easy for us.  It has always been a bothersome issue for me.  Sometimes even feeling used by others yet not knowing for sure how to deal with the ever so nasty issue of payment for the talents used.  

This past week I was asked by an acquaintance to help revamp her studio/office space.  Why because I do it so well, she said.  Well yes I do however what about payment for that talent other then the compliments of my application of my talent.  Visualizing, arranging, designing have always been something that come easily.  In years past I have been paid for those talents, yet never really paid well enough.  So it is with talent.  I feel sure if I were to seek her services in her profession, I would be charged the going hourly rate.  Yet my talent is not viewed on the same realm.

Oh and her husband has approved that she ask me to “help” revamp the space and then maybe even the entire house.  Whew!  

So this morning it occurred to me, I am like a bridge.  I connect the dots for people…the shores if you will.  I make the journey easier since the talent flows for me and it is not an easy crossing for them.  

Real physical bridges are seldom appreciated for their service, their purpose or perhaps even their beauty.  Seldom do we utter a word of gratitude for the bridge being there to ease our journey.  Seldom do we stand in awe of a bridge.  Rather we take it for grant it because it is there, easy and not something demanding attention.  So it is with talent.  It is a bridge often times not appreciated.  Often times just used and many times enhancing lives with no true awareness of the happening.  

I am in a better frame of mind after realizing that I more or less serve as a bridge.  So I will think of myself as a beautiful, strong bridge that shoulders many talents, many travelers, many seekers of what I have to offer.  Somehow that makes the flow of the talent and life so much better.  So I visualize it with a beautiful beginning, a smooth crossing and a beautiful landing.   Maybe even a toil bridge….ah there is a concept…

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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