Social Media

Recently I have wondered how we arrived at such a phase that we no longer communicate…well not actually.  Voice to voice.  Face to face.  We make little posts that really seem like a language from outer space.  We posts little quips on facebook, twitter with no real substance for the most part.

I am as guilty as the next person since it has become the only way to communicate with many people I know.  I would prefer a nice conversation.  I would prefer to meet for coffee to chat, or even have dinner yet everyone scurries around busy because they must text or publish something on line so that not just one person knows, that everyone knows.

Sometimes I wonder what happen to closeness.  To real friendship.  And I wonder if those who are growing up with this method of communication will even know what a real friend is like.  Or a real conversation.

I need a new cell phone…oh yes, I must have one like everyone else.  Although I know people who have refused to be part of the movement and do not.  They seem to live very happy lives and with one less expense.  Something I learned when inquiring about who has what phone and why since there are so many choices and all confusing.  Not to mention intimidating.  I think about an iphone because it seems to be the thing to have…then I think, oh my, it will take me a year to learn how to use it.  Yet to stay in touch with friends, my daughter…I need to text.  To email.  To post on Facebook so I need to be like everyone else even though I am not, and go with the flow of life.  The flow of the wild ride of communication yet not really communicating.

So I wonder if an iphone will improve my life or if it will become just another tech type of thing to learn, another expense to stay in the stream of things.  So I wait. I wait trying to decide while the battery of my phone dies.  The silence does bring peace though and perhaps those who do without all the mainstream communication know something that the rest of us don’t and may never learn.  Maybe they have a more peaceful life.  Maybe they have time to chat, to just be.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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