Debates on Facebook

When I became a user of Facebook it was more or less reluctant.  More or less to be in touch with a few.  Tell a few new happenings now and then or seek help as is the case recently in trying to find a home for two cats whose owner passed away.

I did not think I would ever become involved in debates about politics or so strong express my views against the stoic views of people I have not been in contact with for year although who are “friends” on a one of my friend’s page.

Sometimes it is broiling with fire and the one who is so rigid in his view point about Muslims or other faiths that he does not understand.  I knew in my older years I had grown to express my beliefs much more strongly then in years past. That may be for many reasons.  I have no one to answer to.  No employer to worry about and enjoy the total freedom now of being who I am.  Well almost.  I am still not totally free locked in the grid of a small town and that mindset mirrors sometimes the views of the guy on  Facebook.

It is odd to me that he stands behind being a Christian yet is comments are anything but Christian like.  Slamming an entire group because of a few.  Judging beyond belief and then out right attacking those who do not agree with him.  And on my Facebook among my friends are a few of that are members of some of those groups he is slamming, calling terrorist or some absurdity.

Then out of no where,  he decides to request being a friend on my Facebook….ahhh.  As  if I would.  As if I want my friends of long time to be devalued by this guy.  As if I want his twisted mindset on my page beyond his post on my friends page.  I could not take his narrow, ridged views on a steady basis or that he feels he is an “amazing guy”.

It is sad in some ways that he hides behind being a Christian as many do and feel that if he says that loud enough or over and over, it will be ok to judge others because his faith is different then theirs.  Or they have a different culture or enjoy different food.  It is scary though that people like this guy are out there and scary still that they have blinders on and earplugs to avoid the reality of the world beyond their neighborhood.

Travel changes a person’s soul.  It broadens the outlook.  The depth of understanding and it allows one to enjoy a tolerance like no other.  It makes life rich as a result of knowing, experiencing, enjoying and even making friends of different cultures and beliefs.

It is that very reason and the acute difference that there is no way I will accept this guy to my facebook page as a friend.  I am open minded enough to know that all people can not agree.  That sometimes there are different paths taken and for reasons that may never be known.  That said however scary rigid mindset that are the very core of dangerous issues is not something I care to tolerate or welcome to what is a friendly source of banter, or more often then not, pure joy.

So the beauty is that Facebook has that lovely key of “ignore” and what a wonderful thing to be able to do.  Ignore….


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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